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Research Activities

Dietetic Porgrams Director speaking at Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics national meeting

Dietetics is an evidence-based profession and the science of nutrition is rapidly expanding. The faculty of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics possess a diverse range of research issues. They are active scholars, both publishing and presenting at international, national, and regional professional meetings. 

Review a combined list of recent scholarly activities.

Compiled List of Faculty and Graduate Student Projects

Check out a list of faculty publications and presentations, as well as our graduate students' research projects.

Examples of Current Faculty Research Projects

Images of disabilities, e.g., hearing loss, mobility, blindness

ADA Compliance among Accredited Dietetic Programs

Study Goal: Determine the availability and inclusivity of technical standards in accredited dietetic programs.

PI: Allisha Weeden, PhD, RDN, LD with Barb Gordon, Char Byington and Andrea Jeffery

Study title with picture of young woman

AID-IC Pilot Study

Study Goal: Investigate the efficacy of an anti-inflammatory diet as a complementary treatment to manage symptom severity of interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome.

PI: Barb Gordon, with Cynthia Blanton, Andrea Jeffery, Rebekah Ramsey, Laura Richey

Male professor teaching small class of college students

Behavior Change Theory Teaching Practices

Study Goal: Evaluate the effectiveness of current behavior change theory teaching practices used in accredited higher education dietetics programs.

PI: Jenifer Reader, MHE, RDN, LD

White bowl with paprika, turmeric, and a by leaf

Quantifying Herb and Spice Intake

Study Goal: Develop a tool that measures herb and spice consumption for the purpose of advancing research linking culinary herbs and spices to health outcomes.

PI: Cynthia Blanton, PhD, RDN, LD