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'P' Courses and Sections


'P' courses are course numbers that end with a 'P' (Math 1123P or Math 1153P)

'P' sections are sections under a regular course number that start with a 'P'. Courses that offer p-section are Math 1108 and Math 1143.  For example, Math 1143 may offer sections 01, 02, 03, P1 and P2.

'P' courses and sections are such that the material for the course number is taught, in addition to the material for its immediate prerequisite. For example, Math 1123 has a prerequisite of Math 0025. In Math 1123P, the student will learn both the Math 1123 and 0025 material.


For more information about each P-course or P-section, click on the links below:

Math 1108P   'Intermediate Algebra (PLUS Math 0025)'

MATH 1123P  'Math in Modern Society (PLUS Math 0025)'

Math 1143P   'College Algebra (PLUS Math 1108)'

MATH 1153P  'Statistical Reasoning (PLUS Math 1108)'