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Class Fees

All undergraduate-level math classes include a fee that will be charged in addition to the tuition cost. The fee amount varies,
depending on the course.

Please see the chart below for applicable course fees and an explanation for what the fee is used for.


Course: Fee What the fee is used for:

All undergraduate math
courses (except the
computer-based 1108




This fee is used to supplement funding to help pay expenses that the State-
appropriated budget does not cover. It is used toward educational software
license renewal and maintenance costs, proctoring and grader expenses, cost
associated with printing exams and math classroom and equipment maintenance.
Math 0015 & Math 0025


This fee helps to cover expenses that the State Board of Education does not
allow to be paid out of State-appropriated funds that are allocated to the
University and is used to pay the instructors who teach the course.
This is because this class is a developmental-level course that does not count toward college graduation.
(The credits, however, do count in student loan consideration.)

Math 1108
(computer-based sections only)

This fee is used to maintain and replace the computers in the Math 1108
classrooms in the Learning and Testing Center. These computers are used
directly by the students in this course. The fee is also used to staff the Testing
Center and pay for any additional expenses directly related to the computer-
based Math 1108 course.


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