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It's easy to see natural processes in action and our degree programs take full advantage of Pocatello's
location in the northern Rockies.

We offer affordable tuition, access to the latest geotechnologies, and a strong record of student placement in government, industry and education. We are a community of professors, support and research staff, and students with a mission to train students for professional positions or for further study. This includes thinking critically and communicating effectively. Our courses include hands-on experience with field exercises, laboratory experience, and internships. We also offer a nationally recognized summer field camp based at Lost River Field Station, north of Mackay, Idaho.

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Idaho State University study links nitrate contamination in lower Portneuf Valley watershed to septic tanks

POCATELLO – Idaho State University researchers have established a clear link to septic sources of nitrate contamination in about one-third of the 100 private wells in the Lower Portneuf Valley Watershed sampled for a study.           Read more News and Notes March, 27, 2017 ...

 ISU's Sarah Godsey receives prestigious NSF Award, that includes $500,000 for study

POCATELLO – Idaho State University geosciences Assistant Professor Sarah Godsey has received one of the “most prestigious awards in support of early-career faculty” awarded by the National Science Foundation. Her award includes more than $500,000 to study streams and stream channels for five years.            Read more News and Notes 2-16-2017 ...

ISU researchers help preserve rich history of Grand Teton NP guides

POCATELLO – Following World War II the U.S. government had a plethora of surplus items leftover, including big “pontoon” rafts, some that were shipped to Grand Teton National Park. During the war, these rafts were tied together and tracks were laid across them so military vehicles could use these “pontoon bridges” to cross waterways.         Read more News and Notes 2-9-2017 ...


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