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Spring commencement is tentatively planned for Saturday, April 24th. At this point, plans are being made for an in-person ceremony, with a virtual ceremony as a backup option. A final decision will be communicated by March 1st.

Winter Commencement 2020

Virtual Ceremony



We have worked to create a ceremony worthy of your accomplishments. But remember, the ceremony will only be as momentous and memorable as you make it. We hope you choose to CELEBRATE! Make sure to take lots of pictures! And definitely don’t forget to share your commencement celebrations on social media #ISUgrads2020.

We are so proud of you! And remember, you are FOREVER an ISU Bengal! ROAR!



Additional Ways to Celebrate 

Just because the in-person ceremony has been cancelled doesn’t mean your personal celebrations should end completely. This is a big deal--create a celebration worthy of your accomplishments!  Your celebrations might look different than you planned, but if COVID-19 has taught us’s how to think outside the box!

  • Have a small viewing celebration of the virtual ceremony with your close COVID cohort. Wear your regalia. Celebrate with confetti from the celebration box. Don’t forget to take pictures!
  • Take photos of yourself around campus wearing your regalia, especially in front of landmarks and buildings that played a big role in your Bengal experience.  
  • Graduates with advanced degrees: take photos of being hooded by family or roommates, either during the virtual ceremony or at another time.
  • Host a virtual dinner party with family and friends.
  • Come get a free professional portrait in your regalia at Swanson Arch. The images are a gift from the University. (Photo sessions already occurred)
  • Frame your complimentary professional photo taken at Swanson Arch and display it proudly!
  • Make to share photos on social media with the hashtag #isugrads2020 so that we can all celebrate together.
  • Parents/Friends: Create a video or slideshow about your graduate...hilarious baby pictures are a must!
  • Parents/Friends: Encourage loved ones to send video greetings to your grad.
  • Use your imaginations! What will make your celebrations especially memorable? Let us know your ideas and we’ll share them with others!