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Information and resources for academic advisors.

General Education Requirements

A Catalog Year is the official means used to determine graduation requirements, including a student's general education requirements. The academic year a student matriculates into ISU is the default Catalog Year that establishes their academic record. Catalog requirements may change from one catalog year to another.

Be aware a student's catalog year may be changed:

  • At the request of the student who, in consultation with an advisor, determines an advantage for using a later catalog
  • When a department formally approves a student's curriculum (major) change request
  • When a student has an enrollment gap of eight or more semesters (including summers)

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Declaring or Changing a Major and/or Minor

Formally declaring a major connects a student with department advising. Major advisors help solidify the a student will follow including course requirements for each semester until graduation.

Students may determine that their current major is failing to meet expectations. Encourage students to explore available majors and commit time to successfully finding a new major that is more in line with their strengths and interests. They should then schedule a meeting with a departmental advisor to discuss related career opportunities and reviewing the academic requirements based on an agreed-upon catalog year.

Student Procedure to formally Declare a Major/Minor

  • Contact the Major-Minor Department and schedule a meeting to discuss the requirements, options, and catalog year considerations for the desired major or minor.
  • Once the selection is finalized, the department advisor will complete and submit a Curriculum Change Request (CCR) form in BengalWeb.
  • An ISU email will be sent to students with instructions on how to complete the CCR process for declaring their major/minor.
    • Students login to BengalWeb, go to the student Records Channel, and click on the Approve/Deny Curriculum Change Request.
    • The Curriculum Change Request link should be selected. When the Student Curriculum Change Request Approval window opens review the accuracy of the information. When satisfied click on either the Approve or Deny button and then click - Submit Change Request.
    • If Approve Request is submitted, the curriculum change will be initiated and an ISU email will be sent when the major change is completed.
    • If Deny is submitted, no changes to the current major will be made and no email will be sent.
    • No further action is required in either case.

Department Faculty/Advisor CCR Procedure

After meeting with a student and confirming a formal declaration of major or addition of a minor, a faculty member or departmental advisor will discuss established procedure with the student:

  1. The faculty member will complete the BengalWeb Curriculum Change Request (CCR) form located in the Academics -> Advisor Tools panel.
  2. The student will need to take action and approve the CCR via email.

Departments use the Advisor Assignment procedure to assign a departmental advisor to a student.

Requesting an Advisor Role

The process to request the Advisor Role using the Tiger Tracks system is as follows:

  • In the Home tab of BengalWeb is a TigerTracks channel. Click Access TigerTracks from that channel
  • In the left menu of TigerTracks, click Request Access
  • Click the Accounts and Access menu, then the Employee Services submenu
  • Click on Employee Account, Request or Renew
  • Once you have read that website, click Request Access
  • Identify for whom you are requesting access and select Banner/Argo access
  • A box will open for you to request the Advisor Role for that person as well as all associated access for that position

Advisor Assignment Request

Advisor Change Only (not Major, Minor, or Catalog Year change) is required to update the student record.

Office of Academic Advising assigns advisors to students who show the appropriate major and minor in their Degree Works and/or BengalWeb General Student Information - when departments send an "advisor assignment request" to the CAA email address.

Assignment Request Process

  • Appropriate departmental personnel send an email to requesting an advisor (or multiple advisors) to be assigned to a student (or multiple students).
  • Individual faculty or staff may contact a CAA professional advisor, or call (208) 282-3277 to request immediate advisor access for individual students.
  • For multiple assignments - Departments may attach a spreadsheet of students and identify which advisor(s) to assign to each student on the list.  The following items must be included with each request:
    • Effective Term (e.g. Spring 2016 or 201620)
    • Student Name (e.g. Samuel George Smith)
    • Student ID number (ISU ID number)
    • Advisor Name (e.g. Samantha W Smith)
    • Advisor ID number (ISU ID number)
    • Advisor Type and if Primary Status (e.g. AUX, DEPT, or MAJR and whether Primary)

Primary Advisor

A Primary Advisor is a student's faculty advisor (MAJR) or departmental professional advisor (DEPT) in his/her major, or CAA if the student is new or undecided.  The student's advisor will appear on BengalWeb in the Student Records channel and also in Degree Works.  Only one advisor can be primary.

Advisor Type Categories

  • CAA = Office of Academic Advising; assigned as default primary advisor to all new undergraduate students who have not yet applied to their department for a faculty advisor to serve as their major or minor advisor.  CAA is also primary advisor for all Undecided Arts and Letters and Pre-Social Work students.
  • MAJR = Advisor in Major; a faculty member advising the student in his major field of study.
  • MINR = Minor Advisor; a faculty member advising the student in his/her minor field of study.
  • DEPT = Professional Advisor; a non-faculty, staff advisor whose primary duty is advising pre-program majors in a college.
  • AUX = Auxiliary Advisor; administrative staff who need access to student records primarily for administrative purposes and who assists MAJR/MINR/DEPT advisors with advising duties.
  • ATHL = Athletics Advisor; professional advisor in the Athletics Department.
  • TRIO = TRIO Student Services advisor; advised students in the TRiO program only.
  • INT = International Programs Office Advisor; assists student with immigration-related issues only.
  • HONR = Honors Program Advisor; advises Honors Program students only.

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