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Leadership Council

Leadership Council is charged with setting the identity, tone, and vision for the University. Leadership Council acts as an information sharing body ensuring that all levels of the organization are aware of major initiatives and have an effective avenue to provide meaningful feedback.

Kevin Satterlee

Kevin Satterlee


(208) 282-3440


Laura Woodworth-Ney

Laura Woodworth-Ney

Executive Vice President and Provost

(208) 282-2171


Tingey Kent

Dr. Kent Tingey

Vice President for University Advancement

(208) 282-3198


Rex Force

Rex W. Force

Vice President for Health Sciences



Dr. Cornelis J. Van der Schyf

Cornelis J. Van der Schyf

Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate School

(208) 282-3134


Lyn Redington

Lyn Redington

Vice President for Student Affairs

(208) 282-2315


Brian Hickenlooper

Brian Hickenlooper

Interim Chief Financial Officer

(208) 282-3540


Dani Dunstan

Dani Dunstan

Chief of Staff

(208) 282-3343


Kandi Turley‐Ames

Dean of the College of Arts and Letters

(208) 282‐3053


Thomas Ottaway

Thomas Ottaway

Dean of the College of Business

(208) 282-2601


Kathryn Hildebrand

Kathryn Hildebrand

Dean of the College of Education

(208) 282-4143


Scott Snyder

Dean of the College of Science and Engineering

(208) 282-3099/4539


Scott Rasmussen

Scott Rasmussen

Dean of the College of Technology

(208) 282-2507


Karl Bridges

Karl Bridges

Dean of the Library

(208) 282-2997


A smaller picture of Dr. Anita Smith, Dean of the College of Nursing

Anita Smith

Dean of the College of Nursing



Christopher Owens PharmD, MPH, RPh

Christopher Owens

Interim Dean of the College of Pharmacy

(208) 282-3008


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Kathleen A. Kangas

Dean of the College of Rehabilitation and Communications Sciences

(208) 282-4130


Laura McKnight

Dean of the College of Health Professions

(208) 282-3992


Lyle Castle

Lyle Castle

Dean for Idaho Falls and Vice Provost for Academic Outreach

(208) 282-7852


Joanne Hirase-Stacey, JD

Joanne Hirase-Stacey, JD

General Counsel/Chief Compliance Officer

(208) 282-3924


Pauline Thiros

Pauline Thiros

Athletic Director

(208) 282-4883


Gaines Randy

Randy Gaines

Chief Information Officer

(208) 282-2873


Lewis Eakins

Lewis A. Eakins

Chief Security Officer/Director of Public Safety

(208) 282-2832


Patricia Marincic

Patricia Marincic

Associate Vice President ISU-Meridian

(208) 373-1708


Scott Scholes

Scott Scholes

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

(208) 282-4220


Cheryl Hanson

Cheryl Hanson

Associate Vice President for Facilities Services

(208) 282-2533


Sturat Summers

Stuart Summers

Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications

(208) 282-3620


Kent Kunz

Kent Kunz

Director of Government Relations

(208) 334-4781


Brian Sagendorf

Brian Sagendorf

Director of Human Resources

(208) 282-2517


Stacey Gibson

Stacey Gibson

Director of Equal Opportunity

(208) 282-3973


Shereen Ainsworth

Executive Assistant

(208) 282-2566



921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209
(208) 282-4636

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