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Idaho State University

Meal Plan Information

Meal plans are listed below at semester rates.

Chartwells, ISU’s dining and meal plan provider, offers both all you can eat meals and declining balance options.

Please note unused flex money carries over from fall to spring semester if you have a residential meal plan in the spring semester.

Meal Plans Plan Benefits Semester Pricing
(includes 6% Idaho sales tax)
Plan 1: 100 meals per semester
$475 Flex Money
Plan 2: 155 meals per semester
$400 Flex Money
Plan 3: 215 meals per semester
$350 Flex Money
Plan 4: 10 meals per week
$150 Flex Money
Plan 5: 14 meals per week
$125 Flex Money
Plan 6: 19 meals per week
$100 Flex Money
Plan 6A: 19 meals per week
No Flex Money
Plan 7: (sophomores only) 110 meals per semester
$400 Flex Money
Plan 8: (juniors and seniors only)

25 meals per semester
$500 Flex Money
Plan 9: (juniors and seniors only) 15 meals
$350 Flex Money
Plan 10 (juniors and seniors only)

Plan 11 (juniors and seniors only)

Plan 12 (juniors and seniors only)

Plan 13 (juniors and seniors only)
5 meals
$150 Flex Money

No meals
$240 Flex Money

No meals
$115 Flex Money

No meals
$55 Flex Money





Meal Plan Payment Policy

Residence hall and meal plan payments are due by the dates as established in the tuition and fee schedule for ISU, unless the resident is paying through ISU's installment loan program.

Please see our payment plan information and instructions for details on affordable payment plans, also referred to as installment loans.

For students not using the installment loan program, a $50 late fee is assessed on amounts not paid by Monday of the first week of classes each semester. An additional $50 late fee is assessed if fees are not paid by the tenth day of classes.

Late fees will only be waived upon approval of the Director of Housing.

During the second week of the semester, no-shows and meal plans will be processed and charges will be adjusted accordingly.

Payment plans may be accepted, but only when all awarded financial aid has been exhausted, including Pell grants, scholarships, subsidized loans, unsubsidized loans, Parent Plus loans, etc.

If the meal plan is not paid in full, and the student is not using an ISU installment loan, the meal plan will be deactivated until paid in full. The full meal plan price must be paid whether the meal plan is active or inactive.

If housing and/or meal plan charges are not paid in full by the time they are due, and no payment arrangements have been made, action may be taken up to and including eviction.

* These rates are the proposed 2019-2020 academic year rates. Rates are tentative until approved by the Idaho State Board of Education.

Each rate for the residence halls is a semester charge.

Each rate for the apartments is a monthly charge.