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Will ISU serve students in my state?

ISU continues to work with other states to ensure that our programs are authorized to offer eISU courses to the residents of these states. The following tables include a list of states from which ISU can, and cannot, accept online resident students. For states where ISU cannot accept online students, ISU is not able to serve their residents due to regulatory and statutory requirements that are active in those states at the present time.

State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA) States and Institutions

If your state of interest is not a member of SARA as reflected by this map, please check with your ISU Academic Advisor to confirm your state's current status with ISU.

Idaho State University Joins SARA (November 14, 2014)

States from which ISU can accept resident online students

Alabama*, Alaska*, Arizona*, Arkansas*, California, Colorado*, Connecticut*, Delaware*, District of Columbia*, Florida*, Georgia*, Hawaii*, Illinois*, Indiana*, Iowa*, Kansas*, Kentucky*, Louisiana*, Maine*, Maryland*, Michigan*, Minnesota*, Mississippi*, Missouri*, Montana*, Nebraska*, Nevada*, New Hampshire*, New Jersey*, New Mexico*, New York*, North Carolina*, North Dakota*, Ohio*, Oklahoma*, Oregon*, Pennsylvania*, South Carolina*, South Dakota*, Rhode Island*, Tennessee*, Texas*, Utah*, Vermont*, Virginia*, Washington*, West Virginia*, Wisconsin*, and Wyoming*.

* SARA Membership

States from which ISU is not authorized to accept resident online students


[Please check with your department or program advisor if state authorization is required]

Professional Licensure

For questions about state authorization, email