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Undergraduate Curriculum Council (UCC)

Swanson Arch in the Fall

About the Undergraduate Curriculum Council (UCC)

The Undergraduate Curriculum Council (UCC) at Idaho State University exercises, at the University level, the faculty's primary responsibility for the fundamental area of undergraduate curricula, ensuring the quality and appropriateness of undergraduate courses and undergraduate degree programs offered by Idaho State University. The UCC reports to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs. The UCC's approval is required for all curriculuar and program changes that are to appear in the Undergraduate Catalog. The UCC's functions include, but are not limited to:

  • The approval of changes to undergraduate curricula, courses, and academic requirements;
  • The coordination of these curricular changes among the academic units and divisions of the university;
  • Continued evaluation and updating of the Undergraduate Catalog as the council approves changes to the curricula, courses, and academic requirements;
  • Identification of potential confusion with, or the dilution of, existing programs, courses, and degrees due to the proposed title of a new program, course, or degree;
  • Prevention of duplication with existing programs, courses, or degrees;
  • Detection of possible conflict with accrediting standards applying to existing programs, courses, and degrees.


UCC Chair Announcements

March 8, 2018

Re:  Fall 2018 Undergraduate Catalog Changes

Review Undergraduate Catalog for program Changes and Obsolete Courses

As you are preparing for Fall 2018, the UCC would like to remind you to consider any catalog changes that you will be submitting for Fall and work with your UCC representative to start the process of change this Spring.  Also, please take this time to review the catalog copy of your program and remove or update any courses that have not been offered in some time.

These actions will greatly help our students plan and prepare their educational experience here at Idaho State University.


Bob Houghton
Chair, UCC