General parking at CSI is free.  

The maximum speed on campus is 20 MPH. Stop signs at main entrances to the campus upon exit must be obeyed. Each vehicle is required to come to a complete stop. In no case will exiting vehicles straddle two lanes. Pedestrians always have the right-of-way.

CSI employees and their passengers shall wear seat belts in all seating positions while driving or riding in college-owned vehicles if that vehicle is so equipped with safety restraints. Employees are encouraged to use seat belts while operating their personal vehicles, whether for College or personal use, to enhance the safety of themselves and their families.

Automobiles may be driven on the sidewalks only when they are being used to load or unload equipment too heavy or bulky to be carried by hand. After loading/unloading is completed, cars must be removed from the sidewalk immediately. Permission from Security is necessary prior to drive on sidewalks.

There are adequate lots available for parking. Vehicles parked on the street will be ticketed. There are no faculty or staff reserved parking spaces on campus. Please extend courtesy to other drivers by occupying only one parking space.

Security is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is available to assist with accidentally locked vehicles, jump-starting vehicles, inflating flat tires, etc. Call Security for this kind of assistance.

Official University Policy

Whenever CSI closes their campus for an emergency such as bad weather or a power outage, ISU-Twin Falls also closes. This is official University policy. Many of our students drive in from distant locations and we want to be mindful of their safety.

Our experience has been that even though our students hear that CSI has been closed, many will question whether or not ISU-Twin Falls classes are also canceled.

ISU-Twin Falls students can call either CSI Security at 732-6605 or ISU Public Safety at 282-2515 for information on closures. Both offices are open 24/7.

ISU also sends out a campus-wide email to all employees and students.

Usually, students will try to call our Twin Falls main office to ask about class cancellations. If anyone tries to call us, all they may hear is a busy signal.

Snow days do happen!

ADA Accommodations

For information

To review ISU's policy regarding ADA accommodations please visit: or contact:

Phone: (208) 282-3599
Fax: (208) 282-4617

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Ordering transcripts

Please follow the link to request an official ISU transcript at 

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