Contact Information:

(208) 282-3545

President, Mia Benkenstein

Mail Stop 8007

Executive Committee

Mia Benkenstein

Mia Benkenstein

Council President

(208) 282-3895

Research Outreach & Compliance
Skill Area: Service & Maintenance
Mail Stop 8007

Julie Van Leuven

Julie VanLeuven

Council President-Elect

(208) 282-3367

IT Systems Manager, Health Sciences
Skill Area: Instructional & Academic Support
Mail Stop 8037

James Yizar Staff Council Portrait

James Yizar

Council Past President

(208) 282-3545

Student Success Center
Skill Area: Student Services
Mail Stop 8010

Christina Reddoor

Council Treasurer (2020)


Holt Arena - Senior Accountant

Skill Area: University Advancement and President's Administration

Mail Stop 8098

Veronica Garcia

Council Secretary (2020)


Department of Chemistry - Administration

Skill Area: Secretarial & Clerical

Mail Stop 8023

Joseph Siminson

Joseph Simonson

Content Management System Officer (2019)

(208) 282-2394

Facilities Services - Custodial
Skill Area: Service/Maintenance
Mail Stop 8137

Katheleen Bloodgood

Katheleen Bloodgood

Classified Member at Large (2018)


History Department
Skill Area: Clerical & Secretarial

Mail Stop 8079

Doug Milder

Doug Milder

Non-Classified Member at Large (2018)

(208) 282-3151

Campus Recreation
Skill Area: Student Services
Mail Stop 8061

Chelsie Rauh Staff Council Portrait

Chelsie Rauh

Non-Classified Member at Large (2018)

(208) 282-2633

Early College Program
Skill Area: Academic Affairs & Research
Mail Stop 8057

Sandra Shea

Sandra Shea

Classified Member at Large (2019)

(208) 282-3134

Office for Research
Skill Area: Technical/Paraprofessional
Mail Stop 8130


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Pocatello, Idaho, 83209

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