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Office for Research

The Office for Research at Idaho State University fosters and maintains mutually beneficial relationships with federal, state and corporate sponsors.
We provide high quality and timely service to our faculty and staff while maintaining balance between the interests of ISU, the State of Idaho, and the interests of industry for the public good.

Our scope encompasses several functional areas that handle different parts of the research process. We provide guidance, service and support for a variety of research areas including- energy and environmental applications, healthcare, biomedical, geosciences, data assurance.  We also provide access to research facilities through our Research Centers and Institutes.

Looking for Research Support? 

Research Funding - the Sponsored Programs and Support team assists faculty and staff as they develop proposals for external funding for sponsored research, scholarly and community service projects and post-award assistance.

Research Outreach and Compliance - We are Animal Use and IACUC, Human Subjects and IRB; Biosafety, Responsible Conduct of Research; Financial Conflict of Interest in Sponsored Projects; Export Control - from vendor clearance to travel "out of country".  We also coordinate STEM Diversity and Outreach, the CITI training program, the use of controlled substances in research and Undergraduate Research. The Research Outreach and Compliance team is available for assistance.

Innovation & Collaboration - ISU's talented researchers and students push the boundaries of innovation independently and collaboratively with private-sector partners.  To promote scientific developments and develop partnerships the Technology Commercialization office is available to support these endeavors.


One Minute With a Researcher

The Office for Research is proud to present our YouTube series  "One Minute with a Researcher" where researchers across campus provide insight into their areas of study.

Research in the News:

Idaho State University Geosciences Doctoral Student Caitlin Rushlow's Research Recognized

The honor for a winning prestigious research award was nice, but Idaho State University geosciences doctoral degree candidate Caitlin Rushlow enjoyed her time in the field in Arctic Alaska doing her research even better.

Rushlow was recently notified that she won an Outstanding Student Presentation Award at the world’s largest geosciences meeting, the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, attended by more than 20,000 scientists, that was held in December.

She is the lead author on the study, “Snowpack redistribution, vegetation feedbacks, and advective heat transport controls on ground thermal regimes and hydrologic response in zero-order hillslope drainage features.” Her coauthors were Sarah Godsey, ISU geosciences assistant professor, and Audrey Sawyer, assistant professor at the Ohio State University School of Earth Sciences. She also worked closely with Cliff Voss from the U.S. Geological Survey who has developed a new model that she's been using.


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Chemistry Researchers Use Thermal Imaging to Retrieve Serial Numbers from Stolen Property in a Non-Destructive Manner

Idaho State University Department of Chemistry researchers are using thermal imaging – and a lot of complicated math formulas – to develop a nondestructive means of recovering defaced or scraped serial numbers from stolen items such as guns or vehicles.

Law enforcement agencies could potentially use these recovered numbers to return stolen items or use them to investigate forensic leads.

"Our process has worked on a lot of different test samples and on one real sample, but we are working with two agencies to get more real samples,” said John Kalivas, ISU chemistry professor and a co-principal investigator on the project.

The researchers shoot laser beams through an array of mirrors and lenses that shine on a sample and a high-speed, infrared camera takes multiple images of this process. This data is then collected and analyzed so the researchers can then “read” the mathematically produced images that have been scratched away.


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Call for Abstracts for ISU's Undergraduate Research Symposium

Idaho State University's Undergraduate Research Symposium will be held April 12, 2018, 3-4:30 p.m. in the Wood River Room in the Pond Student Union.

Undergraduate students who wish to showcase, present, and celebrate their research should submit their abstract to no later than March 17, 2018.

Participation has no fee and is a great opportunity to network and collaborate with your fellow undergraduate researchers.

Cork boards and large electronic screens are provided at no cost to the students.  Paper posters are at researcher's expense.

Please indicate what type of poster (paper or electronic).




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