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Idaho State University

Department of Political Science

Capitol building


The Department of Political Science at Idaho State University offers a minor and majors leading to the Associate of Sciences, Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Sciences degrees as well as the Master of Arts, the Master of Public Administration, and Doctor of Arts degrees. We serve more than 170 majors, minors, and graduate students and enroll between 900 to 1,000 students in our classes each semester. Our student organizations include the Pi Sigma Alpha Honors Society, the Law Club, and the Political Science Club. Our department and our programs are actively involved with the International Studies Program, the Gender and Sexuality Program, and several Secondary Education programs throughout Southeast Idaho.

A Letter from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Political Science at Idaho State University!
The Department of Political Science at ISU is comprised of faculty, staff and students dedicated to gaining insight into the world of politics and policy (we find “fully understanding” difficult at times). 

Our Vision is to support excellence in research and teaching about politics and government at the local, state, federal and international levels.  In addition, we focus on service, working to create stronger communities at ISU, within Pocatello and Southeast Idaho, and beyond.

Our Mission is to advance understanding of politics and policy through research, discussion and interactions.  As scholars, we strive to push the boundaries of knowledge through original research; as teachers, we engage students with issues, concepts and skills to generate broad-based knowledge; and as community members, we encourage all to think critically, question the expected, and contribute an informed discussion to politics and public life. We believe in learning about the world around us, thinking critically about issues, and communicating clearly and persuasively.

Our Faculty are nationally and internationally renowned experts in their fields, dedicated teachers, and members of our communities. These individuals address ideas of The Next Social Contract: Animals, the Anthropocene and Biopolitics and The Science of Stories addressing the use of narrative in politics; in addition to border politics, health politics, the politics of science and technology, environmental politics, and capacity building within developing countries.  

Our Students are diverse individuals from around the world, engaging their interests, working to change their lives and preparing to change the world. And, our Alumni are educators, government officials, business leaders, technology developers, and entrepreneurs. 

We welcome all future and current students, alumni and friends of the department to drop us a note or stop by for a visit. Come get acquainted or reacquainted, engage in political banter or simply stop in to say "hello."


Donna Lybecker

Chair, Department of Political Science

Political Science

(208) 282-2211

(208) 282-4833

921 S. 8th Ave, Stop 8073

Pocatello, ID 83201



Gravely Hall
Top Floor of the North Wing