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Centennial Patio

The Centennial Patio will recognize those donors who supported our campaign at a level of $5,000 or higher leading up to our Centennial Celebration in 2020. Your generous donations will be recognized as a permanent part of the patio for generations to come. The name of the donor, donor’s business or a loved one will  be prominently engraved in a stone corresponding to the size of the gift.

The natural stones that make up the patio were chosen to blend in with Idaho’s natural landscape. The patio will be a permanent fixture of Idaho State University’s historic Quad as well a lasting monument to the College of Pharmacy and its alumni. This area will provide a beautiful and relaxing getaway for students, faculty and the community.

The Centennial Patio will also serve as home to our Centennial Time Capsule. Stories, artifacts and memorabilia are being accepted now as we prepare for our Centennial Ceremony. The time capsule will be unearthed in 2070 for the College of Pharmacy’s 150th anniversary.