Q1: What is happening?

Idaho ran out of phone numbers.

The State of Idaho has a new Area Code. This changes how you dial local calls. Since August 5th 2017, you are required to dial 10-digits when placing a local call.

Q2: How will this be implemented by the Telephone Companies in our area?

  • CenturyLink (our telephone company) is implementing a phased approach:
    • Permissive dialing began 11/5/2016.
      • Callers will be able to dial either 10-digits or 7-digits for local calls.
    • Mandatory 10-digit dialing began 8/5/2017.
      • Callers will be required to dial all 10-digits of a phone number for long distance and local calls.
    • New Area Codes were issued to the public 9/5/2017.
      • When a new phone number is issued, it may have a 208 or a 986 Area Code anywhere in the State.

Q3: How will I dial after the change?

For local calls, you will now add the appropriate area code to your dialing string after dialing the 8 access code, e.g. 8+208-Nxx-Nxxx or 8+986-Nxx-Nxxx.

The new dialing procedure, does not change how you dial long distance or internal 4-digit extensions.

Q4: Will ISU keep 208-282-Nxxx numbers?

ISU will not change its phone numbers.

You will keep your current 208-282-Nxxx number now and into the foreseeable future.

IT Networking and Communications Systems

The mission of IT Networking and Communications Systems (NetCom) is to provide quality and cost effective design, installation, maintenance, repair and service of the University's voice, video, and data communications infrastructure, electronics, transport media, and related network operating systems and hardware.

NetCom maintains the University's telecommunications infrastructure to include the telephone and data communication backbones with associated hardware. Responsibilities include consulting services, evaluation of new technologies, design, installation, maintenance, and service of telephone and computing equipment, structured cabling systems, networking and network connections, Internet and Internet 2, wireless infrastructure, transport media, WAN and other communication links. The department is comprised of four sections: Network Operations, Telecom, Electronic Repair and Service (ER&S), and the Print & Postal Center.

The NetCom Organization is under the management of Mark Norviel and reports to the Chief Information Officer of Information Technology Services. Submit a Work Order for the repair, installation, and/or service of data/network communications, cabling, telephones, and computing hardware and peripherals.

The department is comprised of four sections:

Network Operations

While the Network Operations group does many things, we are essentially an "Internet Service Provider" for the campus community. We strive to keep you connected to the great services ISU offers as we maintain and improve the networks that connect the campus community to each other and the world.


We make sure that the communication needs of the campus community are met. Helping you connect to peers and the outside world is our job. Whether you need a desk phone or a cell phone we provide the equipment that helps you succeed. In short, we do all we can to enhance the communication experience of everyone on campus.

Electronic Repair & Service

The Electronic Repair and Service shop repairs office equipment. Our highly trained staff will fix your PCs and copiers in the best way possible. We are even located on-campus so that when your equipment fails we can provide the fastest and most reliable service possible.

Print & Postal

The Total Copy Center and Mail Center are managed by the Print and Postal group. The Total Copy Center is a one-stop-shop for all your printing and copying needs. They provide more than 100 self-serve convenience copiers throughout campus. The ISU Post Office provides students and employees with the basic postal services most people need.

NetCom Office





The NetCom business office may be contacted using the information above.

Wireless Help




If you are experiencing problems with your wireless connection, please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209

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