Hofle, Mary

Acting Department Chair, Senior Lecturer


Mary received her M.S.M.E. and a M.S. in Industrial and Management Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic University. Her research interests include Manufacturing Processes and Energy Analysis and Conservation. She is also a licensed Professional Engineer.

Perez, Alba

Associate Professor, Associate Chair, Director of M.S. Program



Alba received her Ph.D. from University of California-Irvine in Mechanical Engineering in 2003. Her research interests include theoretical kinematics, robotics, computer-aided synthesis of spatial linkages, spatial mechanism design, applied mechanics.

Bosworth, Ken

Ph.D. - Professor, Director of M.S. in MCE Program (shared with Mathematics)



Ken received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1984. His research interests include semiparametric statistics, image analysis and identification, and systems modelling, identification, and simulation. In particular, his work has been motivated by applications to real world physical, engineering, and biological/ecological situations. Ken's other major professional interest is in pedagogy: teaching, curriculum development and improvement.

Schoen, Marco P.

Ph.D., P.E. - Professor



Dr. Schoen received his Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics (Controls) from Old Dominion University in 1997. His research interests include System Identification, Adaptive Controls, Modeling and Simulation, Vibration Analysis, and Controls Application in Biomedical and Aerospace engineering. He is a licensed Professional Engineer.

Sebastian, Anish

Assistant Professor


Anish received his Ph.D. in Engineering & Applied Science from Idaho State University in 2012. His research interests include, Smart Prosthetic Hand Development, Biological Signal Processing and Analysis, Adaptive Filtering, Optimization, System Identification, Control Systems, Semiconductor device physics and fabrication, Robotics, Active Flow Control, Radiation Therapy (Treatment Planning).

Wabrek, Richard

Associate Professor


Richard received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 1985 from New Mexico University. His research interests include forensic engineering, traffic accident reconstruction, solar energy applications, pedagogy, photovoltaic modeling. He is a licensed Professional Engineer.

Williams, Brian



Brian received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 1997 from Utah State University. His research interests include cryogenics, renewable energy systems, aerospace/space systems, Focussing on the design, modeling,and analysis of thermodynamic, thermal, and fluid systems. He is a licensed Professional Engineer.

Adjunct Faculty

Walters, Tom

Wilson, Kellie

Masters of Science in Measurement and Control Engineering (MCE) - Faculty:

The hall mark of the engineering departments for being interdisciplinary is also well reflected by the faculty that work in the MCE program and are active in the MCERC. The following is a list of the primary faculty members in MCE/MCERC.

Ken Bosworth, Ph.D., Professor, Applied Mathematics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Lawrence Beaty, Faculty at the College of Technology.

Steve Chiu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northwestern University.

Arya Ebrahimpour, Ph.D., Professor and Chair Civil and Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, University of Idaho.

James K. Lai, Ph.D., Professor, Pharmacology & Toxicology, London University.

Solomon Leung, Ph.D., Professor, Graduate Program Director Environmental Engineering, Environmental Engineering, University of Iowa.

Dr. Subbaram Naidu, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

Alba Perez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, California State University, Irwin.

Marco P. Schoen, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Old Dominion University.

Brian G. Williams, Ph.D.,Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Utah State University.

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