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Manager Forms

A.A. 3-75 Job Search Summary Form can be found by going to the Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action and Diversity page and clicking on the Download Forms link

Increased Personnel Action Scrutiny (IPAS)

The IPAS Form is required for all personnel actions such as, but not limited to, creating new positions, reassignment of responsibilities that result in salary increase(s), filling new or vacant positions, position reclassifications and promotions, and non-routine salary increases. This applies to all benefited faculty and staff positions, including emergency hires. This form must be submitted for consideration prior to any personnel action being initiated. This form must be completed for all actions, regardless of funding source, and includes grant funds, local funds and state funds.

The Office of Human Resources will send notification of action taken. Upon approval, please submit normal Human Resources, and/or Affirmative Action forms to initiate the appropriate process related to the recommended personnel action. As part of the IPAS review process, the recommended action may be approved, modified, or denied by the HR Office or other responsible office.

The Office of Human Resources is available to answer questions about this process. Contact us at (208) 282 2517 if you have any questions.

Non-Classified & Faculty Hiring Forms

Below is the Hiring Flowchart for Non-Classified and Faculty employees and the forms needed to complete the process are listed below in ordered categories.

non class flow chart

  1. Non-Classified Hiring Flowchart
  2. IPAS Approval Overview
  3. IPAS Form
  4. Search Committee Guide
  5. Search Committee HR and EEO Process
  6. Job Posting Request Instructions
  7. Job Posting Approver Instructions
  8. Applicant Review Process
  9. Non-Classified Offer Letter Template
  10. Faculty Offer Letter Template
  11. Personnel Recommendation (PR) form

Classified Hiring Forms

Below is the Hiring Flowchart for Classified employees and the forms needed to complete the process are listed below in ordered categories.


class flow chart

  1. Classified Hiring Flowchart
  2. Classified Recruiting and Hiring
  3. Classified Offer Letter Template

Interviewing Forms

  1. Behavioral Interview Questions
  2. Sample Reference Check Questions
  3. Tips for Legal Interviewing


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