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Idaho State University

Honors Scholarship Opportunities for Current Students

SDS Scholarship

Deadline April 7, 2020

A scholarship for all second, third, and fourth year Honors students. You must have participated in the Honors Program for 1 year to be eligible to apply. (Current first-year students can apply).

Please note:  The application form (link below) says the deadline is April 1.  We have extended the deadline to April 7 to accommodate disruptions due to the current pandemic situation.

SDS Scholarship Application

Heithoff Scholarship

The Heithoff Scholarship is for second, third, and fourth year Honors students who:

  • are a continuing, full-time student at Idaho State University.
  • have a cumulative GPA between 2.90 and 3.90.
  • are working a part-time job.
  • are giving back to the community or Idaho State University through acts of kindness by volunteering, mentoring, or assisting others.
  • are in need of additional financial support.

*Students with scholarships or grants yielding an aggregate amount in excess of 75% of the costs of ISU’s tuition and room and board are not eligible for this opportunity.

This scholarship is funded by the Heithoff Scholarship Endowment.

Apply for the Heithoff Scholarship through Bengal Online Scholarship System (BOSS).

Research Funding Award

Deadline November 1 (Spring Award), April 1 (Fall Award)

This funding is awarded to Honors students who are completing research in pursuit of an Honors Degree.  This award is funded through the Hill Honors Program Endowment.

The scholarship can be used for expenses such as: research materials, books, and conference fees for conference presentations and attendance.

Research Funding Award