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Why Give?

Idaho State’s excellence and leadership in higher education depend greatly on the generosity of alumni, parents, and friends. From annual gifts that make an immediate impact to endowed gifts that last for generations, contributions to Idaho State University serve as a catalyst for positive change. Your gifts make a powerful difference for hundreds of students each year making it possible for them to have a positive impact on their communities and around the world.


  • Helps Idaho State University enroll the most promising students.
  • Ensures the quality of an Idaho State University education.
  • Philanthropy enhances the caliber of faculty that Idaho State University can recruit and retain, strengthens academic programs, and improves campus facilities and services.
  • Affects Idaho State University’s role in the State of Idaho and its national ranking.
  • Inspires others to give, creating a multiplier effect.

Alumni giving is a vote of confidence in the University. Additional alumni and other types of donors (such as corporations and foundations) want to know they’re investing in an institution that has the support of its community.

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Idaho State University Foundation

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