Ryan Pitcher, Department Chair  Energy Systems Technology & Education Center

Ryan Pitcher

Department Chair



Gaillyn Jorgensen Administrative Assistant Energy Systems Technology & Education Center

Gail Jorgensen

Administrative Assistant



Jodi Johnson Project Coordinator POWER Careers

Jodi Johnson

Project Coordinator



Katie Leishman Power Careers Advocate, Energy Systems Technology & Education Center

Katie Leishman

POWER Careers Advocate



Jeremy Perschon Instrumentation Program Coordinator and Instructor

Jeremy Perschon

Instrumentation Program Coordinator and Instructor

Office: Energy Systems & Technology Education Center 211



Professional Work Experience

Instrumentation Technician – Idaho Supreme – 1.5 years

Process Control Technician – Idahoan Foods – 1 year

Instructor/Coordinator, Instrumentation Engineering Technology – 6 years

Career Highlights

Performed various instrumentation related tasks in the field including calibration, troubleshooting, programming, wiring, etc.

Designed and supervised the installation of custom process control lab stations at ISU

One of my Favorite Professional Experiences…

One of the most rewarding professional experiences here at ISU was mentoring a pair of Instrumentation students that were assisting with a research project. The students were tasked with programming, wiring, and installation of instrumentation to perform wireless valve position monitoring of some manually operated valves in our lab.

I enjoyed working with the students as they accomplished the project. Using the knowledge they gained in the program, they were able to meet and exceed the requirements of the project with only an occasional hint or nudge in the right direction. The project was particularly satisfying to me because, while the students previously hadn’t previously worked with some of the technologies and components, they were able to apply critical thinking skills and foundational knowledge obtained in the program to excel at a difficult task with little intervention needed. To me, that is the fundamental goal of the education provided here at the College of Technology. The students both went on to apply their education and experience as controls designers for a systems integrator in Maryland.

Evan Smith, P.E, CMRP Clinical Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Technology

Evan Smith, P.E, CMRP

Clinical Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Technology

Office: Energy Systems & Technology Education Center



Professional Work Experience

Instructor Mechanical Engineering Technology, ISU ESTEC – 6 years

West Region Reliability Engineer for cryogenic and gas separation plants – 5 years

Maintenance and Reliability engineer for 3 different plants chemical plants – 19 years

Plant improvement design engineer – 5 years

Career Highlights

Teaching and instructing students

Working with plant maintenance mechanics, getting my hands into the work

Small mechanical designs (small can be defined as less than $100,000)

One of my Favorite Professional Experiences

It has been interesting to watch the evolution of analysis equipment and personal computers.  To start with the IBM XT with its “high memory” 30MB hard drives to the ability to carry gigabytes in my pocket.  I have had the privilege to set up, use, and watch computerized reliability programs evolve and become key cost avoidance programs for large production plants.  These programs have included computerized vibration analysis, infrared inspection, precision machine alignment, tribology (lubrication), and others. 

With that said, the best part of all this has been my interactive involvement in the plant design improvements established with the joint help of the maintenance, operations and engineering personnel.  Teaching others in the work place was always enjoyable and it is great to now do it full time, especially with hands on lab work. 

Steve Maclure Instructor, Energy Systems Technology & Education Center

Steve Maclure




Steve Larson, Instructor Energy Systems Technology & Education Center

Steve Larson




Professional Work Experience

  • Military, Track and Wheel Vehicle Mechanic               6 Years
  • Food Processing, Equipment and Line Operator         10 Years
  • Electronics Repair, Consumer Electronics Repair        6 Years
  • Electronics Instructor, ISU College of Technology      20 Years
  • Electronics/ESTEC, Program Coordinator                  8 Years

 Career Highlights

  • Served in the Military for 6 years
  • Owner of an Appliance and Electronics Repair shop for 6 years
  • Taught over 400 Electronics Students
  • Taught numerous High school teachers Electronics
  • Served as Program Coordinator for 8 Years

Favorite Teaching experience

I have had the opportunity for the last 20 years to be a part of something that changes people’s lives in a very positive way. When students are successful at learning something difficult, the desire to learn more only grows. As a high school dropout, I know the value of education in a very personal way.  I have watched so many students become successful over the years, many of whom that had taken the same path that I had taken. If I had to pick my favorite experience as a teacher I would have to pick the student that I picked up from the county jail in the morning and dropped him off after school. Watching this student put his mistakes behind him and become a successful electronics technician is why I love teaching. Throughout life, there will always be hurdles that will need to be crossed. There will be people that will attempt to de-value what you do. If I can instill self-worth to the students by showing them what is possible with hard work and belief in their own abilities, then I know their lives will be improved forever.  


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