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Diversity Resource Center

The 4 pillars on Red Hill

Welcome to Idaho State University’s Diversity Resource Center!

We are located in the Rendezvous Building room 129 (across the street from the Eli M. Oboler library) from 8:00 a.m until 5:00 p.m.

We are open to all students, faculty, and staff and believe that all of us, working together, will make our communities stronger. We help promote diversity events on campus and in the community and know that by learning about ourselves and others, we all benefit.  It is our belief that these interactions provide a great opportunity for learning and are critical to the mission of the university. We invite and encourage you to visit our page often! Here you will find information about our upcoming programming information, as well as information about campus and community events related to diversity and inclusion.  It is our belief that together, we can continue to make our campus a place where diversity creates a community dedicated to understanding, unity, communication, and respect.

In addition to presenting our annual diversity programming, the DRC has worked to become a place where students, faculty and staff can come together, relax and rejuvenate.  The DRC has a small computer lab for those students needing to conduct research or study. Campus organizations can reserve the DRC to for meetings and academic presentations.  We are also available to conduct trainings and consultations on diversity issues for staff and students upon request by emailing  You can also follow us on Twitter @ isu_drc.  Also like us on facebook!

Stacey Gibson

Director EO/AA and Diversity

Office: Rendezvous 157

(208) 282-3973

Henry Evans

Dr. Henry Evans

Associate Director EO/AA and Diversity, Diversity Resource Center

Office: Rendezvous 157


This Year's Theme is: There is Strength in Unity and Diversity


Tailgating:  August 31, 4:00 pm.

The DRC will be cheering on the Mighty Bengal Football Squad outside of Holt Arena! Come by and say hello!


The DRC will host the first of a series of Diversity Brown Bags.  Come and listen and share a lunch

DRC Brown Bag Talk #1 September 5, 12:00 pm 1:00 pm "Discussing Implicit Bias"

Dr. James Stoutenborough from ISU's Political Science Department and Dr. Jacob Berger from ISU's Philosopy Department.

Presentation September 6, 12:00 pm "Dealing with Culture Shock"

The DRC and ISU Department of Counseling and Testing will talk about coping with culture shock.  Dr. Jennifer Miesch and Ms. Sheryl Yee LMSW.

DRC Brown Bag Talk #2 September 11, 12:00 pm-1:00 pm "Diversity and Inclusion: What it is and Why it matters"

Ms. Stacey Gibson, Director of ISU EO/AA and Diversity. 

Study abroad informational meetings: September 11, 2:00 pm, September 19, 12:00 pm, September 26, 3:00 pm

Amber Greening, Lead Coordinator, Student Opportunity Development Kendra Cranor, Study Abroad Coordinator, International Programs Office will be in the DRC to discuss opportunities for you to study in a different country. Be sure to check this out! 


Study abroad informational meetings:  October 1, 3:00 pm

Amber Greening, Lead Coordinator, Student Opportunity Development Kendra Cranor, Study Abroad Coordinator, International Programs Office will be in the DRC to discuss opportunities for you to study in a different country.  

DRC Brown Bag Talk #3 October 3, 12:00 pm "Fictions of Western Domesticity"

Dr. Amanda Zink from ISU's Department of English. 





Presentation October 10, (time TBA) National Disability Employment Awareness Month Event 

Ms. Karina Rorris, Director of ISU's Disabilities Services and Ms. Stacey Gibson, Director of ISU EO/AA and Diversity. 

Diversity Week October 29-November 2

Public Lecture October 29, 2:00-3:30 pm Rendezvous Suites ABC “Indigenous Activism”

Native-American activist and scholar Dr. LaNada Warjack will discuss Native-American activist and political mobilization.

Community Conversation October 30, 2:30 pm, Diversity Resource Center, Rendezvous 129 "Cultural Appropriation or Cultural Appreciation: What is the difference?"

The DRC will facilitate a discussion about the tension between these two concepts.

DRC Brown Bag Talk #5 October 31, 3:00-4:00 pm "Engaging Minority Athletes at at Predominantly White Institution", Diversity Resource Center Rendezvous 129

Dr. James Yizar, Associate Director of Student Success/ Assistant Director of Athletics. 


Unity Summit: November 1, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm, ISU Student Union Building, Little Wood River Room.

Mr. Eric Love, Director of Staff Diversity and Inclusion at Notre Dame will faciltate small group discussions about diversity, inclusion and social justice at ISU.  

Book Discussion November 7, 12:00 pm "Inside the World of Baseball for the Blind"

Author Dave Wanczyk will discuss his research into this interesting and important area. 

DRC Brown Bag Talk #6 November 14, 11:00 am -12:00 am "Borders and Refugee Movements"

Dr. Donna Lybecker from ISU's Political Science Department

DRC Brown Bag Talk #7 November 28, 1:00 pm -2:00 pm "The Utility of Intercultural Competency Training"

Dr. Barbar Wood Roberts


Diversity Resource Center

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Rendezvous Bldg. Rm. 129

921 S. 8th, Stop 8036

Pocatello, ID. 83209


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209
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