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Idaho State University

Department of Counseling

The Department of Counseling offers a master's degree (MCOUN). We have four counseling specialties for students to select from: Clinical Mental Health Counseling; Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling; School Counseling; and Student Affairs counseling.

In addition, we offer a doctorate in Counselor Education and Counseling (Ph.D.), and an Education Specialist degree in counseling (Ed.S.).

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling specialty leading to the Master of Counseling degree, and the Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Counseling are also offered at the ISU-Meridian Health Science Center.



All degree-seeking programs are accredited by the Council for Accreditation and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). CACREP is the accrediting body for the counseling profession.

The vision for CACREP is to provide and to promote excellence in professional preparation through the accreditation of counseling and related educational programs. As an accrediting body, CACREP is committed to the development of standards and procedures that reflect the needs of a dynamic, diverse, and complex society. CACREP is dedicated to:

  1. encouraging and promoting the continuing development and improvement of preparation programs: and
  2. preparing counseling and related professionals to provide services consistent with the ideal of optimal human development

CACREP has conferred accreditation to the following program specialties in the Department of Counseling at Idaho State University:

Counselor Education and Counseling (Ph.D.)

Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling (MCOUN)

Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MCOUN)

School Counseling (MCOUN)

Student Affairs Counseling (MCOUN)



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(208) 282-3156


(208) 282-2583

1440 E. Terry Street

Garrison Hall, Bld 63

Room 725

Pocatello, ID 83209-8120


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Mailing Address:
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Mailing and Physical Address:
Meridian Health Science Center
1311 East Central Drive
Meridian, ID 83642
(208) 373-1717

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