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Steve Clay Master Instructor and Coordinator: Computerized Machining Technology

Steve Clay

Master Instructor and Coordinator: Computerized Machining Technology


Professional Experience

  • Metallurgical Engineer – 18 years
  • R & D Machinist – 4 years
  • Instructor, Computerized Machining Technology -15 years

Why I changed careers at age 44:

Most of the 18 years that I spent as a metallurgical engineer, I was working at a couple of small gold and silver mines. While I had the satisfaction of holding around $40,000 of gold/silver ore in hand each week before shipping it out to the refinery, I found that I did not truly enjoy most of the job. What I truly love to do is make things, so when I got the opportunity to go back to school and re-train I picked Machining Technology. I look forward to going to work because I get to build something new virtually every day – and they PAY me to do it.  Now I have the chance to teach others, to pass on my passion for creating things. How much better can it get?!

 Steve Clay Master Instructor and Coordinator: Computerized Machining Technology

This is a picture of me with my classic 1973 Suzuki GT 750 “Water Buffalo”. I bought it new when I first went to college and then re-furbished it when I became a machinist. This past summer I took it on a 3,200 mile ride to visit family around the country.

Ken Moore Advanced Instructor Computerized Machining

Ken Moore

Advanced Instructor

(208) 282-3262

Professional Work Experience

  • Worked in this industry for 28 years
  • Tool and die maker
  • Plastic and silicon injection molds
  • Vacuum molds
  • Manual and CNC machine experience
  • Ran EDM, Gun drill and other custom machines
  • Teaching Machining since 2008


Career Highlights

  • Working on Patents for new production processes
  • Pre-production fan jet engines for business aircraft
  • Created faster, more ergonomically production lines for medical devises
  • Involved in new products that saved lives in the medical arena
  • Teaching others to build and create using machine tools.

One of my favorite professional experiences…

One of my favorite jobs was when I was delivered a packet of prints and assigned a new project to build a piece of a production line that would help get product to the market sooner. One such machine was a very small laser welder that would improve production and quality of a forceps tool. This tool would help the doctors in procedures to prevent colon cancer. My payday came when one of these improved devices helped my own father. I have also had many wonderful experiences in teaching that could fill a book.

 Ken Moore with his family

My favorite things outside of work

 My family is the most important. Outside of work, I like to spend time with my beautiful companion, children, and especially grandchildren.     

Ashley McCammon Machining Technology Instructor

Ashley McCammon


(208) 282-3262

Ashley McCammon's TruckProfessional Work Experience

  • Owner of a High Performance Engine shop – 15 years
  • Machinist in the nuclear field – 6 years
  • Instructor at I.S.U. College of Technology Machining Program – 2 years

 Career Highlights

  • Practiced Machining for over 15 years
  • Have built many types of engines from Briggs & Stratton to Blown Alcohol Hemi’s
  • Built a 1968 Chevrolet C-10 pickup from the frame up along with many other Hot Rods

One of my Favorite Professional Experiences

My favorite professional experiences would have to be the education I received from the College of Tech at ISU. Without my education, I would not have the chance to do something I enjoy and still get paid for it. Machining amazes me every day, being able to see shape form out of raw material. It is something that amazes everyone!


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209
(208) 282-4636

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