Scholarship Information for International Students

An International Student is any student who is not a U.S. resident, including international transfer students who have completed coursework at another university in the U.S. prior to coming to Idaho State University.

Non-Resident Tuition Waivers

The primary scholarship opportunity for incoming international students at ISU are non-resident tuition waivers (NRTWs).

A limited number of Non-Resident Tuition Waivers (NRTW) are awarded on a competitive basis. A minimum 3.0 GPA is required for initial review or consideration of awarding.

Students in the non-traditional Pharmacy Program (and other over-subscribed programs) are not eligible for any non-resident tuition waivers.

Some waivers are specifically reserved for those entering technology-related programs of study (i.e. engineering, math, computer information systems, computer science, among others) while other NRTWs are reserved for students in other programs of study.

Time accrued while participating in any of the NRTW programs may not count toward the length of time required to gain Idaho residency status.

Competition for Non-resident Tuition Waivers at the undergraduate and graduate level is very strong and many more people apply than are awarded.

You should be prepared to have sufficient funds to cover the approximate US $12,000 expense per semester should the University be unable to award one to you.

More information regarding international student admissions and related issues is available from the International Programs Office.

New and Transfer International Students

If you are an incoming international undergraduate student (new freshman or transfer), you will be considered for possible awarding of an NRTW.

Priority is given to international students who have a completed application for admission, official TOEFL or IELTS score, and official transcript(s) submitted to the International Program Office (IPO) by May 1 (fall entry) or November 1 (spring entry). Your Application for Admission serves as your NRTW application. Please visit the International Programs Office for more information.

Continuing International Students

If you are a continuing undergraduate international student, have a 3.0 ISU cumulative GPA, have NOT received an NRTW in past semesters, and are in need of a NRTW, you may complete a Currently Attending ISU NRTW Application for NRTW consideration. Awards are competitive.

Renewal Information for International NRTW Recipients

Important renewal criteria to maintain an Out-of-State Scholar Non-Resident Tuition Waiver (NRTW) must be met.

Additional Scholarships

International students who have completed one full-time semester at ISU are eligible to apply for continuing student scholarships through their major department as well as those announced through the Bengal Online Scholarship System (BOSS).

If you receive scholarships above and beyond the cost of tuition (for example, a Housing Scholarship), the award may be subject to tax withholding. Please visit the Foreign Student Tax Information web page for more information.

No Log-in Access to BOSS?

For High School Counselors or others who would like to view a list of available scholarship opportunities but do not have BOSS log-in capabilities, please view our list of scholarship opportunities


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