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The Idaho State University Vocal Preparatory Program will be
suspended at least until spring of 2022

For fall 2021 we all anticipated a “return to normalcy” in the form of a gradual relaxation of health and hygiene protocols.  The unanticipated nationwide surge in infections, affecting a younger population more than ever before, has forced us to postpone VPP again.  The Music Department’s practice rooms are simply too cramped and poorly ventilated to accommodate a voice teacher and student singer safely, even with masks, and vaccinations.   Bannock County’s current level of community transmission has now risen to “high,” according to an August 20 bulletin from the Centers for Disease Control.

We do not consider online lessons a viable option for VPP.  Distance learning may prove feasible for some experienced voice teachers working with advanced students, but it cannot be expected to yield quality results for first-time interns, teaching youthful beginners.  Distance learning imposes inherent inequities of access to equipment and home learning facilities -- even WIFI reception.

Even as VPP regretfully suspends operations for another semester, however, we continue to look forward to the day when we at ISU can safely resume preparatory voice lessons and help the youth of our community experience the healing power of song.