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Idaho State University

Available Crafts

You will be pleased with the wide variety of equipment that you have access to. Work centers include a wood shop and a clay studio. Other areas are set up for sewing, mat cutting for photos, dry mounting, paper cutting, working with fibers or leather and bicycle repair. We have an extensive list of available equipment for crafts, and a small sales area with tools for ceramics, fabrics, webbing, jewelry making supplies, weaving yarns, and much more that you may find helpful in completing your project.


Many different types of clay work can be produced in the Craft Shop clay studio. The Craft Shop has all the right equipment to throw or hand-build your individual works of art. The clay studio is equipped with one kick wheel, nine electric wheels, a slab roller, an extruder, two electric kilns (glaze fire to cone 5), rolling pins, a number of glazes, and tool kits. Membership or day pass required. The Craft Shop also sells clay and tool kits for individual use. Pottery develops a variety of skills. We offer beginning and intermediate pottery classes.


Available Clay Bodies

Gray Calico 25 lbs
Rod's Bod 25 lbs
B-mix 25 lbs
Red Calico 25 lbs


We have three two-harness table looms available. A four-harness floor loom is available for use at Mustard Seed Dreams Yarn Boutique at 362 North Main Street in Old Town Pocatello. Call 233-1697 to arrange a class with an instructor. This class is taught one on one.
The Craft Shop also has paper making equipment including screens, felts, tubs and a pulp beater.

Mat Cutting

The Craft Shop's knowledgeable staff will help you mat and mount your own special pictures, poems or other pieces of artwork. The shop has two professional mat cutters (rectangular), an oval/circle mat cutter, and a dry mount press.

There is also a wide array of tools available to help you successfully complete your project. If you can't find the material you need to complete your project check out the Craft Shop for a variety of mat material.

The Craft Shop offers a mat cutting class for beginning students to learn the techniques of the trade.


The Craft Shop has every available tool for your sewing project. These include: scissors, seam rippers, tapes, rulers, measuring gauges, needles and pins, alcohol burners and webbing cutter. Our sewing area is equipped with five sewing machines, and a serger.

The Craft Shop sells a variety of fabrics, webbing, shock cord, and hardware including buckles, sliders, and toggles. Zipper tape is for sale by the yard. Use patterns from our files for free while you work in the Craft Shop.

Wood Shop

For those interested in carpentry and wood working the wood shop has all the safety tools and equipment you need! Bring your own wood, nails, glue and sandpaper and create your masterpiece.

You must be cleared on all machinery before you can utilize the woodshop. Make an appointment with our Director.

Contact Us

(208) 282-3281




Fall & Spring Hours:
Monday - Thursday
11:00 A.M. - 9:00 P.M.
Friday - Saturday
11:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Summer Hours:
Monday - Friday
11:00A.M. - 4:00 P.M.