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Content Area Tutoring

The Content Area Tutoring program offers small group tutoring that can help you succeed in many of your academic classes. Tutoring is available in all academic areas except writing and math, which are handled through the Writing Center and Math Center respectively. It's funded by student fees, so there's no extra cost to get a tutor. Any registered ISU student, including dual-enrolled Early College Students, can apply for a tutor.

Content Area Tutoring also provides student employment opportunities, allowing successful students to share their skills and experience. Most tutors are experienced graduate and undergraduate students who have obtained extra training as peer tutors. We're always looking for new tutors, especially in the sciences!

Locations and contact information

The CAT Program is part of the Student Success Center. In Pocatello, it's in REND 323 on the third floor of the Rendezvous Center, over the classrooms that face the library. In Idaho Falls, it's in CHE 220. For Meridian requests, please contact the CAT office in Pocatello. The CAT offices are not open and no tutoring takes place during national holidays, fall break, spring break, or finals week.

  • Pocatello: REND 323    208.282.3662   
  • Idaho Falls: CHE 220    208.282.3662  
  • Meridian:  Please contact the CAT office in Pocatello.

How does tutoring work?

To begin, you'll need to complete a Tutor Request Form.

After we receive your application, we'll see if we have any tutors available for that course whose schedules seem to work with yours. If we do, you'll get an e-mail including your tutor's name, email address, and phone number. The two of you will get in touch with one another and with other members of your group, and you'll decide on a time and place to meet. If we don't have a tutor available for that course, we'll work on recruiting one and we'll email you to let you know we're looking.

If the class you're being tutored in is three credits or more, you can have up to three hours of tutoring per week. Some students choose to use all available hours; others are happy with one or two.

Tutors are not substitutes for attending class. They will not do your homework for you. They have been trained to guide you through coursework so that you can build your own understanding of the processes involved. Plan on attending your classes, reading your textbooks, and starting the assigned homework on your own. Your tutor can best help you when you come prepared with specific questions about the work you've already done. Still have questions? See our Program Policies.

Contact us 

Questions or concerns? 208-282-3662