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Graduation Medallion

Image of ISU College of Technology Graduation Medallion

Idaho State University College of Technology

Graduates who attend the College of Technology graduation ceremony will receive a special commemorative medallion. The graduation medallion is a gift from the dean and will be a reminder of the diligence and dedication that was required to earn a degree. Medallions will only be distributed during the graduation ceremony on Friday, May 3, 2019.

The front of the medallion represents time spent at Idaho State University in pursuit of an education. Two graduates stand under Swanson Arch, prepared to leave campus and embark on a new adventure. Since 1902, thousands of students have passed through Swanson Arch, the original entry of the first building on campus. Swanson Hall was torn down in 1973, but the tradition of passing through the arch continues today.

On the back of the medallion is a Bengal tiger’s head, the long-standing mascot of Idaho State University. The Bengal was first selected as the official mascot in the early 1920s during the beginning of intercollegiate competitions. Under the Bengal’s head is the motto of ISU, “Leading in Opportunity and Innovation.”