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Idaho State University

The Jensen Challenge

Why are seats named?

 Seats are "purchased" in the Stephens Performing Arts Center to help pay the cost of the building, and to help cover the costs of presenting high-quality performances. Purchasing and naming a seat also provides an opportunity to support and promote the performing arts in Idaho.

What are the benefits of a named seat?

Prior to each event, Stephens Center seat holders are given the opportunity to purchase tickets for their seats for that event. If the seat holder chooses not to attend the event, the seat will then be offered to the general public.

The name of your choice will be engraved into the spectacular mariner’s compass in the marble floor of the Barbara J. Marshall Rotunda. Also, an elegant brass nameplate bearing the name or names of your choice will be affixed to the arm of your seat. Impressive yet tasteful, your nameplate will be an enduring public statement of your support for the performing arts in Idaho. 

What are the naming opportunities?


Jensen Grand Concert Hall $5,000 / seat
Purchase Now
Beverly B. Bistline Thrust Theatre $3,500 / seat
Purchase Now
James E. and Beverly Rogers Black Box Theatre $1,800 / seat
Purchase Now

How do I become part of this opportunity?

 There are several easy ways to become part of the Stephens Center legacy:

  • Contact ISU Associate Vice President for Development Scott Turner at (208) 282-4883 or
  • Call the ISU Foundation at (208) 282-3470.
  • If you are acquainted with an ISU Development Officer, he or she will be happy to answer your questions and help you with the process.
  • Online,click the Purchase Now links above and fill out the required information. The ISU Foundation will subsequently contact you.

Your contact person can arrange a tour of the Stephens Performing Arts Center, where you can personally select your seat from those still available in any of the three venues.

What are my payment options?

 Your ISU contact person can help you select a method for payment as well. You may take up to five years from the date of purchase to complete payment. Your contact also will help you develop a payment program designed just for you. You may choose to pay for the seat(s) in full. Or you can choose to be billed yearly, monthly, quarterly, or in any other time frame. Cash, check or credit card (Visa and MasterCard) are accepted. 

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting the world-class performances that Idaho State University presents at the L. E. and Thelma E. Stephens Performing Arts Center. We look forward to hearing from you—and to seeing you there!