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Pre-Professional Program Information

Speech-Language Pathology Emphasis (full-time - 3 semesters; 36-39 credits)

Download SLP Master's Program CSD Course Pre-Requisites for the 2019/2020 application cycle


Audiology Emphasis (full-time - 2 semesters; 22-29 credits)

Download Doctorate of Audiology Admission Requirements


ISU offers a Pre-Professional Program (post-baccalaureate) for students who graduated with a bachelor's degree or higher in another field or for those students whose bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders is 8-10 years or older. Please contact our department if your CSD coursework is older than 8 years to be sure we will accept it. The Pre-Professional Program is available online as well as both the Pocatello and Meridian campuses. Enrolling in the Pre-Professional Program will not guarantee you a seat in our graduate program.

This Pre-Professional program will prepare students to apply to our graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology or other accredited program in Communication Sciences & Disorders. The curriculum is rich in audiological coursework, typical speech and language development as well as disorders, and includes clinical courses designed to prepare the student to work with both children and adults in graduate training. 

A department application is required for the Meridian Campus and the Online Pre-Professional Program. This application is different, depending on which program you are applying to. Please follow the instructions and complete the appropriate program application.

The Pre-Professional courses are undergraduate courses, but for financial aid purposes, the courses are considered post-baccalaureate courses. Financial aid is available, if you qualify, through the financial aid department. If applying for financial aid, be sure to note on the financial aid application that this is a post-baccalaureate program and is required for entrance into a graduate program. If you have questions, please contact Financial Aid at 208-282-2756 or by email at See Program Costs for detailed tuition information.

There is a priority application date of March 15 of the year in which you would like to enroll (classes begin in late August), but we will also accept late applications. Please contact our office if you are applying after March 15 to determine if applications are still being accepted. See contact information below.

Prior to applying to our online program, please check to see if your state is served.

Questions regarding the Pre-Professional Programs:

Online Program: Please contact Donna Parker at or 208-373-1942.
Meridian Campus: Please contact Michelle Campbell at or 208-373-1908.
Pocatello Campus: Please contact Lexie Baker at or 208-282-4544.