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Subcontracts and Subawards

When the need arises for a subcontract to be created, the PI must initiate the process by contacting the Director of Research Contracts (Pati Spotts,; 208-282-3478).

The PI will be asked to provide certain information regarding the entity to be contracted with, duration, scope, and budget for the subcontract. 

For questions regarding the reviews and approval of awards and contracts, contact Patricia Spotts at (208) 282-3478 or

Process Overview Flow

1. Subcontract Requested

When the need arises for a subcontract to be created, the PI first must initiate the process by contacting the Director of Research Contracts (email or call x3478). The PI provides information regarding the duration, scope, and budget for the subcontract.

2. Subcontract Drafted

Director of Research Contracts Drafts Subcontract

The Director of Research drafts the subcontract utilizing information provided by the PI and ISU’s standards.

3. Subcontract Approved

After approval, it is Sent to the Subcontractor

The subcontract is routed for review and approval by the PI and their departmental University Business Officer.

4. Subcontract Signed

Subcontract is signed by all parties

The subcontract is sent for review and signature by the subcontractor. The Director of Research Contracts works with subcontractors with any questions or changes to the contract.

5. PO submitted by PI

PI Submits Requisition or Purchase Order

The PI or designated financial technician creates a requisition and purchase order in Banner for the subcontract.

6. Subcontractor Submits Invoice

Invoices are submitted to Grants and Accounting

In accordance with contract terms, the subcontractor submits an invoice detailing time spent on the project and deliverables that have been met.

7. Invoice Sent to PI for Approval

Grants and Accounting sends the Invoice to the PI for approval

The subcontractor’s invoice is sent to the PI for their review and approval.

8. Payment Sent to Subcontractor

After approval of the Invoice payment is sent to Subcontractor

Grants Accounting issues payment to the subcontractor.

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