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Internal Grant Competitions

Annual Funding Opportunities

The Office for Research is pleased to announce the availability of institutional grant funds for the academic year through the following programs.

Idaho State University’s internal grant competitions reflect a continued focus on providing direct funding, across various disciplines, by supporting the research and scholarly endeavors of the faculty at ISU.

Internal Grant Competitions are funded by reinvesting the indirect costs recovered from external grant awards to ISU. Internal funds are available in three grant categories as described below.

All proposals for internal grant funding must be accompanied by a completed and signed “Internal Grant Routing Form.“ This form does not count towards any page count limitations in any of the internal grant programs.

Seed Grant Guidelines and Application

Individual awards may be up to $20,000 each.

The central purpose of the ISU Office for Research Faculty Seed Grant Program is to encourage new junior level faculty, as well as existing faculty who are renewing or refocusing their research programs into a totally new direction, to develop research, scholarly, or creative programs that provide the potential for sustained professional development and extramural support.

This seed grant program will help provide preliminary data to support proposals for external funding thus enhancing research, scholarly and creative activities within our faculty.

Deadline: February 28 of each year.

Submissions for the 2018 Seed Grants are currently under review by the Research Council. As soon as the final decisions are made, we will notify the Principal Investigators. 

Seed Grant Guidelines and Application

Faculty Seed Grant Current and Pending Support

Office for Research Seed Grant Application Submission Web Portal 

Seed Grants funded since 2014

College of Arts and Letters - Formerly Incarcerated Individuals' Narratives of Reentry and Reintegration

College of Arts and Letters - Women in European and Middle Eastern Parliaments: who is in and who is left out?

College of Pharmacy - Computational Toxicity Scoring with Big Data: A First Step Towards Rapid Assessment of Drug-Induced Serotonin Toxicity

College of Science & Engineering / College of Arts and Letters - Mapping Idaho's Ecosystem Services

College of Science & Engineering - Urban Storm-water Quantity and Quality Across a Gradient of Streamflow Permanence in Pocatello, ID

College of Arts and Letters - Faculty Chamber Music Series: An Original Work in the Steampunk Aesthetic

College of Pharmacy - Investigation of the FAS-II Enzyme, FabK, as a Druggable Target for C, Difficile

College of Science & Engineering - Tensile Capacity of Post-installed Concrete Anchors Exposed to Prolonged Nuclear Radiation

College of Arts and Letters - Creation and Initial Validation of the Idaho Test of Accurate Person Perceptionation

College of Business - A Consumer Perspective on Health IT Systems

Kasiska Division of Health Sciences - Minimal Intervention Protocol Using 25% Silver Nitrate for Preventing and Managing Dental Caries

College of Pharmacy - Insect like AChBPs

College of Pharmacy - Rational Anticholinergic Toxicity Assessment Using Computational Molecular Modeling and Population-Based Pharmaco-Surveillance

College of Pharmacy - Topoisomerase I, a novel target for streptococcal-associated extra-oral infection

College of Arts and Letters - fMRI Study of Strategy on Working Memory

College of Science & Engineering - A New Approach to study Resistance and Sensitivity to Insecticides

College of Science & Engineering - Mechanistic Study Characterizing Clostridial Neurotoxin Entry for the Purpose of Drug Design

College of Education - Improving Preservice Teacher Noticing through Systematic Evaluation of Student Work

College of Science & Engineering - Patterns of Reproduction in American Bison: Influences of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Factors In a Changing Climate

College of Arts and Letters - Aging in Idaho: Study #2

College of Science & Engineering - Investigating ecophysiological cloud-vegetation linkages in Appalachian Mountain cloud forests across multiple spatial scales


ISU Developing Collaborative Partnerships

Grants from $15,000-$50,000 available for ISU faculty.

The Office for Research is soliciting internal proposals to support the development of large-scale, Interdisciplinary/Collaborative (I/C) research projects.

These funds will enable the university to grasp opportunities that have the potential to propel ISU to new research prominence via strategic investment of targeted resources.

Deadline: November 1 of each year.

ISU Developing Collaborative Partnerships

Developing Collaborative Partnerships - Proposal Cover Page

Developing Collaborative Partnerships - Checklist


Office for Research Developing Collaborative Partnerships Application Submission Web Portal

ISU Travel Grants

The Office for Research has offered the Faculty Travel Grant program for a number of years where tenure, tenure-track, or clinical faculty applied for travel funding to assist with their research and scholarly activities. Recently, in a self-review of our internal grant funding programs, it has been determined that faculty will be better served if control of the travel control of the travel grant funding is shifted to the college level. 

For more info, please contact your respective dean.

For more information about Internal Grant Competitions ran by the Office for Research, please contact:

Dave Harris, Assistant Vice President for Sponsored Programs Support, at

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