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Foreign Travel | International Travel | Out of Country Travel

Updated Process April 2019

Most ISU travelers heading to international destinations will not need detailed export control foreign travel review.

The Export Control Office remains a reviewer/approver on Chrome River preapprovals for out-of-country travel.

If a Visual Compliance Foreign Travel Review Form is needed, the Export Control Office will contact the traveler and request one be completed.  The instructions on how to complete these forms remain available below.

How Foreign Travel Review Relates to Export Control

Export Control relates to ISU travelers and their gear (computers, phones, instruments, data) because the federal government regulates which technologies and data may be shared with certain countries, institutions and individuals worldwide.  These Export Control laws and regulations include international sanctions programs, and apply even if no controlled items (data/technology) are involved. Export controls may apply to and restrict both physical shipments and electronic transmission of information. These laws apply to all activities – not just sponsored research projects.

Foreign Travel Checklist FY2019  This one-page info sheet helps ensure you have taken care of all details related to foreign travel.

Foreign Travel Review Process

What Must Travelers Do when requested? 
BEFORE your travel dates - You provide your travel information online.
Log-in with your ISU email account. 
Complete the Foreign Travel Review Form
Where?  Online, using ISU’s Export Control toolbox application,
Visual Compliance, within the Deemed Exports and Hand-Carried* module.
How? Complete the form, applying these directions: 

Form Field Name

Information Needed           ^ = required

^ New Case Name

Name your trip (ex: Paris conference, Library visit in UK, collaboration in Italy)

^ Submitter

Select your name from the list


Allow this to default, or pick your ISU area, if it is listed - in 2019 these will be:

Arts and Letters, Business, Education, Health Sciences, Science and Engineering, Research, Technology or University Administration (includes Athletics)

^ Event Dates

Enter the dates of your travel; Include personal time before/after or during the trip - start/return times are not needed


IGNORE this section. Each traveler must complete their own foreign travel form.

Applicant comments

Add any comments about trip – special funding, by invitation, etc.

^ Country/countries of destination

Click in right corner; PICK the country for ALL countries you are traveling to

^ Company to be visited

Provide the official name of the institution(s) you are visiting (business, industry, university, hospital, etc.). Do not abbreviate.

^ Purpose of trip

State the purpose of your trip, provide how travel relates to ISU*  For travel to multiple cities and/or institutions, list the dates planned for each location

 Detail for Purpose of Trip:    

> If attending a conference – give full name of conference and its dates
> If meeting collaborators, industry representatives - name these people below
> For research at library, name it, or other purposes –medical mission, field research

^ Identification of laptop to be carried, if applicable (M/N, S/N)

If ISU, provide tag or service number, make, serial number. Includes ISU tablets, phones.  If device is personal, include name make/type.  Include personal tablets, phones.

^ List all foreign companies, organizations or persons being visited

Provide the full names of contacts with their titles
(if known).  You do not need to list individuals if attending conference sessions or the attendees of a presentation.  If you are developing a collaboration agreement, name those individuals with their position/institution.

^ Summarize all of your intended discussions and activities with Foreign Persons

Whether at a conference, but especially if meeting separate persons, provide the topic or subject area* you will be discussing, researching, presenting on, etc.

* Do not use acronyms or project names without providing full text name

^ Brief description of any data, documentation, equipment or media to be taken out of the U.S.

The information, technical data, or specialized software, if any, on a laptop or tablet traveling with you.  Include special instruments, biological samples, medical mission supplies. Report items to be carried in quantity - "swag" with estimate of entire value.

^ Are you traveling with electronic or hard copy data that is Protected Health Information, personally identifiable information including SSN, bank account numbers, credit card numbers for anyone other than yourself?        

    Yes        No     

    (this includes grading and student course
     documents that identify them individually)

^ Are electronic devices encrypted?   

    Yes        No       

(This is not a recommendation to encrypt, this needs to be known for some countries)


 Robin Wilson, Export Control Liaison
at 208 282-1336

What Happens Next?

The Export Control Office (ECO) reviews the information you provide for possible export control restrictions, based on travel purpose, destination and other factors.

Barring restrictions, the Export Control Office will approve your Foreign Travel Form and you will receive an email from the system telling your travel is cleared.

 ECO is a required approver on your Chrome River Pre-Approval and expense reports for international ("out of country") destinations.  ECO may ask questions about your foreign travel specifics, before either the Foreign Travel Review Request or the Chrome River form are approved. 

Robin Wilson | Research Compliance Analyst / Export Control Liaison
(208) 282-1336  via

small box image of instructions for first time login to the Visual Compliance system

*Deemed exports

Technical information is considered
a “deemed export” of technology/
technical data -- whether located on
your laptop’s hard drive or in hard
copy -- once the laptop or the
document leaves the U.S.
Even technical know-how that is in
your head, if shared with a foreign
national, is considered a type of

 def: Deemed, a verb, meaning
        “Considered to be”


Export Control Restrictions

are determined on the basis of a set of intersecting regulations,

  • the travel purpose
  • the research field, the technology to be discussed, instruments/equipment being carried
  • is the country to be visited on a restricted list
  • if the institution or person to be visited is on a restricted list

This review is applied to everyone, regardless of position at ISU.


Research Outreach & Compliance  (ROC)
Contact Our Office:
Deb Easterly
Assistant Vice President for
Research Outreach & Compliance
Ph: (208) 282-2618
Serving as ISU's
Research Integrity Officer
Export Control Officer   
 Physical Address:
Business and Technology Center
Building 86
1651 Alvin Ricken Drive, Room 107
Pocatello, ID 83201

Mailing Address:
921 S. 8th Ave., Stop 8046
Pocatello, ID 83209-8046