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All About Sample Submission for DNA Services

Gloved hand pipetting solutionThe MRCF will accept samples at any stage in sample preparation. We will accept whole tissue for nucleic acid extraction, PCR amplified products and even researcher-prepared library constructs to run on our MiSeq. We routinely accept already extracted and prepared DNA to be processed on our Sanger DNA sequencer. Below is information about how to prepare and ship samples to the MRCF for any of our services.

Our lab is located in the Gale Life Sciences Building near Holt Arena; we are on the 4th floor in room 461. The physical address of our building is 650 Memorial Drive, Pocatello ID 83209. Here is a downloadable campus Map to the MRCF.

If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to contact us by phone, (208) 282-4148, or email