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Sanger DNA Sequencing

Sanger sequencing is performed on our AB 3130xl 16-capillary genetic analyzer. We can process 1-96 samples per plate of samples submitted, and will include one pGEM control sample either per run, or per plate.

Please submit a Job Request Form, see link below, with your samples. This is a downloadable Excel file that you will fill out and email an electronic copy to, as well as a send a hard copy along with the samples submitted to us.

First time customers, will need to submit a one-time New User Form.




Internal rate: $4.00 / sample; External $5.00 / sample

We can quantify and dilute the samples to the appropriate concentrations, for an additional $1.00 / sample (for both external and internal rates). We can also clean up the samples for an additional charge.

Basic Info:

Each sample submitted needs to have 5uL of template DNA diluted to the appropriate concentration for the DNA sample type. Add 1uL of 3.2uM primer (only one) in each sample for a total volume of 6uL to be submitted to the MRCF. Visit our page for more details on how much sample to use and what concentrations are needed for different types of DNA sequenced.


Basecalls during DNA sequencing

Gloved hand pipetting solution



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