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Sanger DNA Sequencing


The MRCF generates DNA sequencing from various DNA sample types ranging from small PCR products (100bp) up to 800bp in length, as well as plasmid DNA.

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Fragment Analysis - Microsatellite or DNA/RNA Profiling


We can perform fragment analysis on two separate machines. The 3130xl analyzes fluorescently-labeled PCR products, such as microsatellites or T-RFLPs. The AATI Fragment Analyzer is used to  visualize the profile and quality of genomic DNA, PCR products, fragmented DNA or RNA fragments.



Next-Generation Sequencing


The MRCF can prepare DNA and RNA samples for Next-Generation Sequencing. We can run samples on our in-house instrument, an Illumina MiSeq, or arrange for sequencing on an Illumina NextSeq or HiSeq.

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Microscopy and Histology


We have several microscopes, ranging from fluorescence to TEM, that researchers can either be trained to use the instruments independently, or request our staff to provide microscopy services.



Flow Cytometry

The MRCF houses a FACSCalibur Flow Cytometer that also provides sterile cell sorting for experimental use.



Other Services

The MRCF can provide many other molecular services. We offer development and optimization of new molecular techniques, in addition to the many other services we already provide.




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