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Records Coordinators

As per ISUPP 1030, each department is required to designate a Records Coordinator (RC) to be responsible for local records activities and is required to notify the University Records Manager (RM) to new or changing assignments as they occur. In addition, the RC is to attend record coordinator training within ninety (90) days after initial appointment and refresher training every three (3) years. The RC is responsible for assisting the RM in implementing an effective records program within their department/area. The RC is the records liaison representative for their department/area and may speak or act with full authority within the organization. At a minimum, there should be one RC in every department. However, departments may appoint more than one RC.

Record Coordinator Training Dates and Times for January - June 2019

Record Coordinator (RC) training will be from 9am-Noon in the Rendezvous building, room 215. You may sign up here: or contact me and I will add you to the roster.

Wednesday, 24 April (Cancelled)

Wednesday, 22 May

Wednesday, 26 June

Qualifications for Records Coordinators

  • Permanent employees (no students or temporary workers) and have knowledge of the work and responsibilities of their assigned department or area(s.
  • Be authorized to work with the records of all personnel (staff and faculty) in their department/area

Duties of the Record Coordinator

  • Answers employee’s records disposition and inventory questions
  • Develops and/or reviews files plans at least annually and submits them to the RM for approval
  • Conducts periodic inventories necessary to validate files plans and identify new records series (new types of records not identified in University Record Control Schedules)
  • Coordinates the approval for the disposal of records in their area of coverage
  • Maintains documentation on disposed records, records retirements and transfers, retrievals, and files plans
  • Plans orderly disposition of inactive records in compliance with the Idaho Records Manual, ISU policies, and both state and federal regulations
  • Ensures that records eligible for storage at the SRC are packed in NARA record boxes and that record shipment forms are properly prepared
  • Identifies new or revised records series and recommends retention and disposal time frames to the RM
  • Brings other issues or concerns to the attention of the RM

How to Appoint Records Coordinators

To appoint a records coordinator, please fill out Record Coordinator Appointment form. Please complete the entire form, sign and return it to the University Records Management office at mail stop 8410.

ISU Record Coordinator Directory

The Records Coordinator Directory contains the names, emails, and phone numbers of all ISU Record Coordinators. The primary purpose of this directory is to allow University personnel to identify and contact department/area Record Coordinators.

Labels for Paper Records

An effective organizational filing system requires uniform labeling. Use these Paper Record Folder Labels for all of your paper records. The label template was designed for rectangle, 1" x 2-5/8" labels. Print only the labels you need for your department. Do this by creating a blank page at the end of the document, then copy and paste the labels on the last page, and print the page. 

Labels for Electronic Records

E-records and records also need to be labeled. Use these E-Record/ Record Labels for all of your electronic records. Having difficulties setting up electronic folders? Please contact the University Records Manager if you need assistance.






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