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Records vs. IT Terminology


  • IT: A collection of data (sometimes called fields) each of which contains an item of information (such as a date or name) about a specific subject or activity. Sometimes referred to as a database record.
  • RM: Any book, paper, map, photograph, database record, e-mail message, image, or other documentary material, regardless of physical form or characteristics, that is made or received by a Federal agency and is evidence of the organization's activities or has informational value. This is the definition of a Federal record in the Federal Records Act.


  • IT: A word processing text file, completed form, voucher or other representation of stored information.
  • RM: Structured or semi-structured information (such as a book, memo, letter, map, etc.), that has a predictable structure and can be accessed and read by people.


  • IT: In data processing, a file is a collection of records. In computer applications, a file is an entity of information that has a unique name, a particular format, and usually a specific file name suffix.
  • RM: An accumulation of business materials arranged according to a plan and related to each other in some way (e.g., a case file).


  • IT: A collection of computer files that has been moved from central magnetic disk storage to another location (either for backup purposes or for storage on less expensive storage media) from which they can be recalled to online status if needed.
  • RM: A collection of non-current Federal records that has been removed permanently from an agency, transported physically (in an acceptable format) to an Archives (University, state, federal).


  • IT: Data that describes other data. The term may also refer to any computer file or database that holds information about another database's structure, processing, changes, etc. Data dictionaries and data repositories are examples of metadata.
  • RM: Metadata is a term that describes or specifies characteristics that need to be known about data in order to build information resources such as electronic recordkeeping systems and support records creators and users.

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