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University Records Management

ISU Administration Building


Our Services:


  •  Assist departments with record inventories
  •  Develop file plans
  •  Produce record labels for departmental files
  •  Create hierarchical file structure for electronic files—including email and records stored at for all departments
  •  Records training for individuals, groups and departments on a variety of record-related subjects (paper, electronic, vital, and cloud based records)
  •  Coordinate the transfer of archival, historic, and permanent records to the University Archives
  •  Courtesy record management evaluation and written feedback for all departments


Why Records Management?


To provide guidance; oversee record related functions and processes which ensure that University records are available where and when they are needed, to whom they are needed, for only as long as they are needed in order to conduct University business; to adequately document ISU activities, and to protect the interests of the University.

On February 12, 2018, the University adopted ISUPP 1030, University Records Management Program. This policy and procedure document outlines the University records management program.

If you would like to have the University Records Manager to assist your department with record-related issues, please contact him at your earliest convenience.


Contact Us

(208) 282-3045

Admin Bldg. rm. 307

921. S. 8th Ave. Stop 8410

Pocatello, ID 83201


Monte G. Asche
Office of General Counsel
University Records Manager

Records Management does not maintain University records. Please send your public record request to:


ISU RECORD Point of Contacts


Public Records

Personnel Records

Finance Records