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Foreign Supplier Purchasing

Before doing business with a foreign supplier:

  • Ask your supplier if they will take payment by PCard where appropriate.
  • Know that payment in advance is prohibited.
  • Consult with a Buyer.
  • If you anticipate using a purchase order, the foreign supplier/entity must be registered with the ISU (i.e. have a vendor number). To register with ISU, email with the following information to create the ISU vendor number:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Requisition Number
  • All international vendors must be cleared through Restricted Party Screening to ensure they are not debarred as a procurement source. Whether the purchase is made with a purchase card or purchase order, the vendor should be prescreened by contacting the ISU Export Control Office, either by email to or by calling 208-282-1336 or 282-2618. 

Foreign Vendors and Tax Forms

In order to fully comply with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirements for foreign entity payment reporting, vendors that are currently available in BANNER are those suppliers who have:

  • an existing supplier (vendor) number as an ISU vendor
  • been reviewed for IRS compliance
  • a completed Vendor Registration Form

The supplier should visit the IRS website for current W-8 forms and instructions.

The W-8BEN is to be completed by foreign individuals:

Form W-8BEN
Instructions W-8BEN

The W-8BEN-E is to be completed by foreign entities, not individuals:

Form W-8BEN-E
Instructions W-8BEN-E

How to Check if a Vendor is Already Registered

Login to Banner and open FTMVEND

  •  Click on the search button next to the Vendor: field

  • In the Last Name field, enter a "%" (wildcard) sign and the first few letters or word of the vendor's name followed by a "%" (wildcard) sign.
  • Press F8 to Execute the Query

Screen shot of Banners Vendor search: in Last name, type % (wildcard) sign and the first few letters or word of the vendor your searching for with a % (wildcard) sign at the end.

REMEMBER, this search screen is CASE SENSITIVE. If, for example, you had entered the vendor’s name in all caps “%APPLE%”, the search would have returned nothing and the following message would appear at the bottom of the screen: “Query caused no records to be retrieved. Re-enter”.

SEARCH TIPS: The wildcards “%” and “_” can be used in the search criteria for Banner queries. The character “%” represents any number of unspecified characters. The character “_” represents one occurrence of an unspecified character. The following examples illustrate the use of wildcards:

All entries that CONTAIN

  •  If the foreign vendor is in ISU's Banner system, the name will appear in the query list.

Does the Foreign Vendor Need Updated Vendor Information

  • Double click on the ID of the vendor you wish to select and the vendor number will populate along with the Last Name, and First and Middle name if applicable.
  • Next Block and all Vendor information will auto-populate.  FTMVEND is for information only and changes can NOT be changed.
  • In the Additional Information tab, if the Status Date is more than 4 years, New Vendor information will need to be obtained.
  • In the Address tab, If the appropriate vendor address is not listed, a Vendor Registration Form will need to be filled out and emailed to

Purchasing Services

(208) 282-3111

Idaho State University

Purchasing Services

921 S. 8th Ave., Stop 8110 Pocatello, ID 83209

Administration Building, Room 114


Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MT


Purchasing Deadlines Announcement -  FY 18 Funds

Requisitions to encumber FY 2018 funds are to be received by Purchasing Services no later than March 16 if the value of the purchase is $100,000 or greater; by May 4 if the value of the purchase is between $10,000 and $100,000.

 Grant funded requisitions requiring delivery of goods by the end of June must be received by Purchasing Services no later than March 16.

 The last day to create Purchase Orders under $10,000 for FY2018 will be Jun 20.  Items ordered for FY 2018 must be received by Jun 29, 2018.



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