Assigned Commodities

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Our buyers have responsibility for different commodities. If you can't locate what you are looking for, please contact us.

Some commodities are on contract as required by state law.

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Meet the Buyers:

David Buck C.P.M

  • Athletic supplies, entertainment, field trips, functions and food expense
  • Advertising, subscriptions, memberships, consulting and moving employees
  • Contract review
  • Revenue and service contracts for the university, vending, spring show, student insurance
  • Capital RFP's and miscellaneous not specifically covered
  • Express Service
  • Surplus Reporting

Rick Dutson

  • Operations and management of Central Property and Receiving
  • Electronic data processing equipment including peripheral components and supplies
  • Audio Visual equipment and supplies
  • Photographic equipment and supplies
  • Software subscriptions including library CD ROM
  • IT Maintenance Agreements
  • Facsimile and copier machines; toners and developers

Wendy Holder C.P.M

  • Scientific apparatus and equipment including all glassware and laboratory supplies
  • Scientific Maintenance Agreements
  • Biological supplies including animals, live and preserved
  • Cosmetology supplies, musical instruments, and teaching supplies
  • Dental Hygiene supplies and equipment
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Law Enforcement supplies and weapons
  • Student Crafts
  • Continuous forms, fine and cut paper, chemicals or supplies for print media/ graphic arts
  • Printing and binding including library binding contract, printed forms
  • Compressed and Liquified Gas

Randy Jones

  • Furniture, furnishings, classroom equipment
  • Stores items for resale and M&O supplies. Facilities equipment and supplies, industrial and construction equipment including machine tools and other major tools, turf and grounds
  • Vehicles both passenger and construction
  • Building equipment, buffers, vacuums, carpet cleaners
  • Welding equipment and supplies
  • Restaurant equipment and supplies
  • Vocational trades, equipment and supplies
  • Compressed and Liquefied Gas (Facilities and College of Technology)
  • Office Supply Contract (Office Max)
  • Fuel, Utilities, including gasoline, diesel, and natural gas

Purchasing Services

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Idaho State University

Purchasing Services

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Administration Building, Room 114


Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MT


Federal Grant Funded Procurements:

Idaho State University has delayed the implementation of the Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards until July 1, 2018, as provided by the waiver of the procurement rules stated in Section 200.110 of the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR Part 200). In the interim, Idaho State University will follow the previous procurement standards according to OMB Circular A-110.



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