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Safety Policy Statement of Idaho State University

It is the policy of Idaho State University that every employee is entitled to work under the safest conditions possible. To this end, every reasonable effort will be made to promote accident prevention, fire protection, and health preservation.

It is our belief that accidents which injure people, damage machinery and property, and destroy materials cause needless personal suffering, inconvenience, and problems.

We believe that practically all accidents can be prevented by taking common sense precautions.

The University will endeavor to maintain a safe and healthful workplace.

The University will provide safe working equipment, necessary personal protection, an emergency response plan, and, in the case of injury, provide first aid and medical services as needed.

A Safety Director will be responsible for the overall effectiveness of the University safety program. He will work with the University Safety Committee and the various department safety committees to determine the overall direction and analysis of University's safety program operations and the communication of pertinent information to all departments. He will undertake such duties as may be required in the day-to-day operation of the safety program.

It is wrong to believe that accidents are unavoidable and will always happen. If all of us do our part including acting and talking safety at all times, a healthy attitude toward accident prevention and improved safety on the job can be achieved.

You can view General Counsel's Official Safety Statement, or our Safety Manual or Hazardous Waste Policy Manual for more information.


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