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Planning, Design, & Construction

Jason Adams

Jason Adams

Director of Planning, Design, & Construction

(208) 282-4710

Todd Adams

Senior Project Manager

(208) 282-1343

Herb Yee

Senior Project Manager

(208) 282-4621

Tim Sanders

Senior Project Manager

(208) 282-1213

Chris Baker

Project Manager

(208) 282-4572

Cole Elquist

Project Manager

(208) 282-2472

Laurence Rose

Project Manager (Meridian)

(208) 373-1807

Tony Razo


(208) 282-2899

Project Management

We are responsible for the planning, design, and construction of all projects at ISU. Projects can range from multimillion dollar capital improvements to small in-house projects.  We have a staff of Project Managers and Drafters ready to assist.

Faculty and staff may request projects by completing a Project and Space Request (PSR).

The Facilities Subcommittee of the IEAC handles the approvals of projects over $30K and submits a list of prioritized projects each year for State and University Funding.  The PSR process engages the committee.


Space Management

Space Management is the tracking and reporting of all university owned space. We maintain a database of departmental space to provide quick and accurate information to the campus community. Using this information allows the University to plan for the future and accommodate space utilization needs that arise. We also work closely with the drafter to maintain accurate building plans for emergency planning, project planning and various other uses.


Examples of information available in the space management database:

  • ISU research lab space
  • Departmental space occupied
  • College/Division space occupied
  • Total mechanical rooms on campus
  • ISU clinic space
  • ISU total gross square feet
  • NSF reporting needs every two years

Interesting Facts

  • We manage 5-10 million dollars in construction projects every year over the three ISU campuses
  • We have hard-copy blueprints and scanned archives of plans ranging from the early 1900s to the most recent renovations of nearly every building on each ISU campus
  • ISU occupies nearly 4,000,000 gross square feet over 3 campuses in Pocatello, Idaho Falls, and Meridian
  • ISU has over 230 classrooms
  • ISU has 228 research labs