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Mentor Program Description

The mentorship program is an opportunity for you to be mentored by a second-year student and faculty advisor. It is a non-threatening way to transition into the program and get out in front of the curve. Mentorship is about having a caring relationship with someone who's been in your shoes and can support, teach, and befriend you through the process of becoming a pharmacist. It acts as a catalyst for your academic success. Your well-being and overall program experience are enhanced as well. It is completely voluntary for both mentors and mentees, so everyone that participates wants to be there. It is also informal, so it becomes whatever you make it!

Matching Process

Our multi-step matching process aims to pair each incoming student with a returning student based on specific characteristics. By creating short profiles, new students indicate the characteristics they prefer in an ideal mentor and share their top concerns about starting the program while peer mentors highlight their personality traits and share the challenges they've overcome. It works!

What Students Have to Say

Christian Atkinson, Class of 2022 Headshot


"Having a peer mentor gives you someone that has gone through everything you are going through to help guide you and put you in a great position to be successful in the program. It is also beneficial to have one-on-one time with a member of faculty to address concerns and questions." 

Christian Atkinson, Class of 2022 


Shaun Christian, Class of 2022


"We are not on this journey alone! Networking with mentors helps us academically and professionally. Fellow students help with different study ideas and faculty members advise us with career paths."

Shaun Christian, Class of 2022

"Upperclassmen have already been there and done this and can give the tips and tricks needed to be successful."

Liv Swonger, Class of 2023


"An instructor gives you a hammer to hit down the nail, but a mentor is experienced and shows you how to better use it."

Daniel Enox, Class of 2021

"Upperclassmen have already been there and done this and can give the tips and tricks needed to be successful."

Olivia Swonger, Class of 2022