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Idaho State University
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ExamSoft is the current testing system for the College of Pharmacy.

Testing Policy

  • Shut down all other programs before you start the exam.  No other windows are allowed to be open.  No pop ups allowed.  Only browsers allowed are Firefox and Chrome.  Internet Explorer is NOT to be used.
  • Login and logout protocol should be discussed by professor or proctor before the exam.
  • It is imperative that students have the professor or proctor see you 1) in the exam review, 2) click finish exam review, 3) log off Moodle and 4) shutdown the computer (until the screen is black) in front of professor or proctor.
  • Use only COP-approved calculators. Extras are available if you have forgotten yours.
  • Cell phones should be turned OFF and placed in backpacks. No cell phones or other electronic devices allowed in exams or exam review sessions.
  • All electronic devices, except laptops, need to be turned off, not just be in sleep mode.
  • Use restroom before test begins; no breaks allowed unless you have spoken with your instructor beforehand and obtained approval.
  • No hats or food allowed. Clear, colorless water bottles are permissible.
  • Backpacks and coats are to be placed in the front, back, or the side of the room.
  • Sit every other person in the room, if possible. If not, spread out in room as much as possible.
  • No full screen apps allowed on the Mac Computers and Windows 8 computers
  • Arrive on time.
  • Scratch paper will be provided to students before exam but must be turned in to instructor at end of exam with your name on it
    • If you are challenging a question, note on the scratch paper the question # and why you believe the question or keyed answer is faulty. Notify the proctor that you are challenging a question and turn this paper in at the end of the testing/review session.
    • If you are concerned about your Moodle answers being insecure/changeable upon submission, you must mark your selected answers on your scratch paper and submit to the proctor BEFORE the test review.
  • No Google Glass, cameras or similar devices allowed in exams or review sessions.
  • Copying/sharing of exam questions is expressly forbidden. Hard copy exam materials cannot leave the testing area.
  • University and College of Pharmacy policies regarding academic dishonesty will be enforced. Students who are aware of cheating and fail to report it are also considered guilty of academic dishonesty.
  • All reasonable ADA accommodations will be met.