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College of Nursing

A picture of students working with a mediman mannequin

Nursing Skills & Simulation Lab

The College of Nursing is committed to provide an excellent nursing education for the students admitted to the nursing program. Today's registered nurses must adapt to the changing trends of the complex health care environment. The future nurse needs knowledge, technical skills, clinical judgment, clinical decision making skills, and communication skills to practice in the complex health care environment. Idaho State University School of Nursing provides innovative and meaningful learning experiences through a variety of simulations. Simulation incorporates using high fidelity mannequins, community members as patient actors, task trainers, and other types of computerized simulators.

A picture of students with a medi-man mannequin

Simulation provides a realistic and safe environment for nursing students to learn and hone their skills for the complex health care environment. An example is the use of high fidelity simulation. A high fidelity simulator is a computerized mannequin that eyes blink, pupils respond to light, has 14 pulse sites, and heart, lung, and bowel sounds. Students perform in a realistic problem-based scenario that incorporates the high fidelity simulator. The students react as if the high fidelity simulator is a genuine person. The simulation activities occur in a 2000 square foot learning environment. The learning center features five hospital private rooms, one assisted living room, a clinical skills area, four open beds, two health clinic examination rooms, and a classroom. The learning center also features video/recording capabilities that enhance student learning.


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