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NSO Questions

First Year Questions

Is Orientation mandatory?

New Student Orientation is not mandatory; but your attendance is EXPECTED. Research shows that students who participate in orientation programs are more likely to be successful in college and persist to graduation.


What do I do if I need special accommodations?

You can request special accessibility services or meal requirements through our office at (208) 282-2973.


What if I cannot attend New Student Orientation?

You are encouraged to rearrange your vacation or work obligations to make attendance at New Student Orientation a priority. Start your semester off with the foundation that Orientation provides.


Why is there a fee for New Student Orientation?

All new students (freshman, transfers) are assessed a one-time mandatory $100 New Student Orientation fee in their first semester of enrollment, in addition to tuition charges and other fees. The mandatory orientation fee covers special services, staffing, meals/refreshments, materials and programs for new students during orientation that are not covered by regular operating funds.


How do I pay my New Student Orientation fee?

Your $100 New Student Orientation fee will be assessed on your student account. You will simply pay this fee with your total bill through the Cashier’s Office or BengalWeb.


Can I bring my parents and guests?

Parents and guests are welcome to attend orientation. Parents and family play a very important role in helping you transition as well as be successful in your college career. Parents and guests will be charged for their meals.


Am I required to have health insurance?

For information about student health at ISU and insurance policy requirements, please visit the ISU Health Center.


Where do I get my student ID card?

ID card pictures can be taken in the Pond Student Union. It is very important to keep this card for the entire time you attend ISU as it serves as your library card, activity card, and meal card. Replacement cards cost $15.00.


How much does a student computer account cost?

Spring and Fall semester fees are $35.00. *

The fee for Summer is $30.00. *

NOTE: In order to use a kiosk, laptop, or computer lab on campus, a student must have a current student computer account.

* prices subject to change


What is ISU email?


Your ISU email is a primary line of communication from:

  • Professors
  • Financial Aid
  • Advisors
  • Classmates
  • Administrators
  • All fully admitted students are provided with an email account (email accounts will never expire).
  • The email address is their
  • Students must have internet access of some sort in order to access their email, either with a private ISP or an ISU computer account
  • Students may purchase a Computer account if they want to use campus computer equipment; labs, printers, kiosks, laptops, or wireless.


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