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Idaho State University

Faculty Members Needed to Teach 1-Credit Honors Seminar

The University Honors Program (UHP) is soliciting interested faculty members to teach a 1 credit UHP interdisciplinary seminar in the Fall of 2017 and/or Spring of 2018. The Interdisciplinary Seminar is an exciting opportunity for instruction in the UHP. It is a 1 credit, 8 week, seminar offered each semester to UHP seniors, juniors, and (space permitting) sophomores. The topic is open, and we strive to vary it from semester to semester. Instructors are encouraged to be creative in designing these seminars. Recent examples of seminars include Anatomy and Physiology as explained through B-grade Horror Monsters; The Musical Legacy of William Shakespeare; Speech Perception and Production; and Globalization and Bollywood Film. In these seminars, we encourage faculty to approach a topic she or he is passionate about and develop a creative and fun way to present it.

There are many advantages to teaching UHP courses. Honors sections have lower enrollments than non-honors courses, which allows the instructor greater flexibility in her or his teaching approach. Instructors have access to some of ISU’s strongest academic students. Further, honors students may be inclined to approach these instructors when they are looking for research or scholarship opportunities.

We encourage you to apply to teach one of these seminar courses. This is an excellent opportunity to work with and get to know high-achieving students. To apply, please send me a 1 paragraph description of the course (email it to diensher@isu.edualong with its title, (not a syllabus or paper). If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  

Please submit these to me by March 17, 2017.