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Idaho State University

Idaho State University audiology students win 2011 National Audiology Awareness Month Student Video Contest

November, 7, 2011

Idaho State University audiology students have won the 2011 National Audiology Month Student Video Contest through the American Academy of Audiology.

National Audiology Awareness Month was launched as an initiative to educate the general public on the profession of audiology and all that audiologists do for their patients. This year, students were asked to make a video highlighting the scope of practice of audiology.

Students were required to submit a one to three-minute video representing audiologists as ethical health care professionals who work with patients to help them cope with their hearing loss, taking into account their lifestyle and budget.

ISU audiology students on Pocatello and Meridian campuses made a two-minute video that won them the grand prize of $300 from the American Academy of Audiology. Click here to see the video.

“We really wanted to do something that was more artistic and visually appealing versus the typical videos that are associated with this type of PSA or educational format, so we decided to use stop-motion technique and light-writing photography,” said Suman Barua,  member of the audiology group.

“It took over 1,000 photographs and well over a week to get the final cut. Also, several of our fellow graduate students helped produce a working script that helped guide the narrative. We all had a really great time making the video promoting the profession and the program at ISU,”  said Barua.

Other students who contributed to the project include David Wood, Cory Workman, Daisy Vyvial, Kate Christiaens, Victoria Holcomb and Diana Fitzgerald.

For more information about the American Academy of Audiology visit